Minority Healthcare: disparity, distrust, duplicity


The US Healthcare system has a long and unsavory history of providing minorities with substandard medical care. Minority groups often have an overall lack of trust in our healthcare system for many reasons: higher rates of negligence/malpractice, less access to healthcare services, less preventative care and an overall lower quality of care by comparison. 

A study by the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine states, “a consistent body of research demonstrates – that U.S. racial and ethnic minorities are less likely to receive even routine medical procedures and experience a lower quality of health services.” Sadly, the current state of disparity in healthcare is far more humane in comparison to the multiple atrocities endured by previous generations of minority groups.


The US government has an alarming history of exploiting systemic racial and socioeconomic inequalities. When government overrides the ethical standards of physicians and jeopardizes the quality of healthcare, the results are often nefarious. During the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, local physicians were asked to assist the US government, in a study, by withholding the standard and proper medication from black patients. The doctors, along with our government, were complicit in providing fraudulent and insidious medical care. When the experiments were exposed, the US government offered lifetime medical benefits and burial services to victims as part of the settlement. In essence, black patients seeking medical care were (unknowingly) denied an effective treatment, did not consent to the study, and were exploited over a forty year span by physicians and the US government. Basically, the government admitted fault for negligent healthcare, and part of the settlement was: a lifetime of continued substandard healthcare.

Duplicity & Disinformation

During the 2020 Forbes Philanthropy Summit, Melinda Gates stated healthcare workers should be the first to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Gates further clarified “Here in the United States, it’s going to be black people who really should get it first and many indigenous people, as well as people with underlying symptoms, and then elderly people.”

Combining historical iniquities, continued racial disparities in healthcare, growing concern about the efficacy/side effects of a “rushed” vaccine, in which a known eugenics advocate (Gates) prioritizes the black population to receive – is both alarming and disturbing. Skepticism of the vaccine is evident: a recent study found only 14% of black people surveyed believed the vaccine would be safe, and only 18% believed it would be effective. Even with the highest COVID-19 morbidity rates, minorities are understandly gun shy to accept the government’s (injectable) solution.


Any warranted concern citizens may have about the vaccine will be attributed to and disregarded as disinformation. The government will silence any vocal dissenters as spreading misinformation. Ironically, the government’s “solutions” have thrived on disinformation for many decades. The “fact checking,” “anti-disinformation campaigning,” and subsequent censorship only apply to citizens who question the government, it’s solutions, vaccines or it’s motives. In conclusion, the government will continue to protect your health and continue providing substandard healthcare. For added reassurance, your potential settlement will include: more substandard government healthcare and burial services.