Mandatory COVID-19 vaccines on the horizon

Only five short months ago, Americans particularly Coloradoans, believed they’d never see city wide mask mandates. Then they believed they’d never see a state wide mask mandate. Americans believed they were safe in their homes. Americans also believed that they had the right to decide what they put into their bodies.

If 2020 has taught the USA anything, it’s that any freedom taken for granted may be stolen. A little freedom lost every single day is no big deal; the average American is a slow boiling frog, and vaccines are the latest piece of the boiling water. The US should be prepared for mandatory vaccines.

From the website, “On December 12, 2020, after an explicit, evidence-based review of all available data, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) issued an interim recommendation for use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine in persons aged ≥16 years for the prevention of COVID-19.”

The CDC and the ACIP have already begun making recommendations that anyone over the age of sixteen receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

A closer look at SB20-163, passed last legislative session after a heated debate, reveals increasing difficulty in waiving vaccines for school aged children. Now that the COVID-19 vaccine is recommended by both the CDC and ACIP for persons under age sixteen, another issue to watch for will be the addition of the C19 vaccine to the state’s list of mandatory vaccines for school entry in 2022.

Even if Colorado Department of Public Health, comprised of unelected officials focused on vaccinating at least 95% of the state, doesn’t add the COVID-19 vaccine to its list of required vaccines for school aged children (it will), the next hurdle will be private companies.

At a private summit by Yale on Tuesday of this week, 72% of CEO’s said they are for employees. Yale also conducted the infamous July 2020 study in which researchers tested vaccination messages such as guilt, shame, patriotism to determine how to best compel Americans to get the .

July 2020 Yale Study

Douglas McMillen, the CEO of Walmart, was present for the summit, and he was onboard with mandatory vaccinations for Walmart employees. Americans’ health is controlled by Yale’s pro-vax studies, mandatory vaccination laws, and the privately held beliefs of people like the CEO of , Mark Zuckerberg and Zack Dorsey, facebook and twitter CEO’s.

There’s also the state’s compulsory plan. According to the state of Colorado’s vaccination roll-out plan, COVID-19 vaccinations will be mandatory for “frontline” workers, law enforcement personnel, teachers, and essential workers. There are very few vaccines (less than 2% of the population in Colorado will receive them initially), but more are forthcoming and will be forced on as many people as possible.

In October, Facebook that it would begin censoring posts about vaccine “misinformation,” meaning the company will erase any posts that contradict the narrative that vaccines save lives and ban users who dissuade others from getting vaxxed. Facebook also announced it would be partnering with the US government to encourage flu and COVID-19 vaccines and partnering with local agencies to vaccinate more people. Facebook, like most C19 vaccination initiatives, sets aside a focus on black and brown communities.

Alternatively, organizations and companies will offer incentives for being vaccinated. On Wednesday, Roger Gooddell, NFL commissioner, suggested inviting (only) to attend the Super Bowl. Gooddell and the NFL are creating a vaccination caste system, which is an entirely new approach to encouraging vaccine compliance.

The vaccine has only been in this state, as well as the rest, for three days, but each day brings news of more steps leading up to mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations.

Another crucial step in mandating the COVID-19 will be withholding of licenses. For those unwilling to receive a vaccine and who have slipped through the cracks of schools, workplaces, and the state itself, licenses will be a final stopping point for many who will be forced to receive the vaccine. Licenses include:

  • Realtors, brokers
  • Bartenders, waitstaff
  • Health department licenses
  • Liquor licenses
  • Business licenses
  • Sales tax licenses
  • Childcare licenses
  • Nursing licenses
  • Licenses to practice medicine
  • OSHA licenses
  • Driver’s licenses
  • Plumbers & pipe fitters
  • Electricians
  • Commercial driver’s licenses
  • Mental health licenses
  • Concealed carry licenses

Americans need a license to do anything…drive a car, buy alcohol and tobacco, practice mental health, sell homes as a realtor. Licensing bureaus hold infinite power over most adults, and licenses will be withheld for those who weren’t compelled to comply by way of education or employer.

State Rep Kyle Mullica, sponsor of School Entry Immunization, received the COVID-19 vaccine today and tweeted pics to his constituents; very quickly, the vaccine takes center stage to any other politics. It’s almost as if SB20-163 was way ahead of its time.

Kyle Mullica receives the vaccine

Get ready, Colorado. Soon, children won’t be able to attend school, and adults won’t be able to open a bank account, drive a car, buy beer, or earn a living without receiving the vaccine developed in under six months to curb the symptoms of a 99.98% survivable virus.