Family Holiday Bubbles…for COVID-19, or communism. Or something.

Bubble Boy, Touchstone Pictures

Good News! The same people who brought you the NBA Bubbles have created family bubbles. James McDeavitt, senior vice president and dean of clinical affairs at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, created this helpful tool to keep you governing your family the same way Polis would if he slept in your guest bedroom for the holiday season.

The Holiday Bubble Checklist above reminds you to stock up on masks and sanitizer, self quarantine, and obviously everyone in the family needs to make a “pledge” to stick to the bubble. Also, flu shots are part of the Holiday Bubble plan.

This bubble sounds so fun. The checklist even comes with a pledge for your family members to initial. So you could print this out and head straight for family governance.

Holiday Bubble

Conduct a family meeting. Don’t forget; your family needs to hurry up and vote on a Bubble Commissioner this holiday season. Who will be your family’s Bubble Commissioner? That sounds like a super great job for teenagers.

Also, be sure to use grocery delivery and get a PCR test. Don’t just get any test; definitely get a PCR test because those things turn up positives for anything under the sun.

From Baylor College of Medicine’s Holiday Bubble guidance:

“Second, creating a holiday bubble is possible, but it will not occur without real commitment of all participants. One weak link will breach your bubble. Half-hearted commitments will only lead to a dangerous false sense of security. If everyone is not committed, you are probably better off celebrating exclusively with members of your usual household, and not mixing with family and friends from down the street, or across the country.”

The message is clear. Create a Holiday Bubble; don’t be stupid. Make a pledge, sign a commitment, appoint a family commissioner. That all makes total sense, for a virus with a 99.8% survival rate.

Here’s the Link to Holiday Bubbles for those who want to rule their families like the CCP.