El Paso County moves to red; welcome to Communism

El Paso County will move to “red.” But this level of communism won’t occur until the 27th of November…because the Rona won’t rage and take more lives until the day after Thanksgiving.

El Paso moves to red

The case level and incidence rate are available, though it doesn’t really matter. Coloradoans never consented to mass lockdowns and loss of freedoms because a virus is spreading…a virus with a 99.98% survival rate.

This isn’t normal, people didn’t consent. Coloradoans didn’t beg for protection. Those who are afraid should stay home. As of this writing, no EPC elected officials have spoken against the designation.

El Paso county fear mongering

The new level of red status makes El Paso County the seventeenth county to turn “red” in the last week. The restrictions are ridiculous; even outdoor gatherings must be capped at 25%.

Middle schools (above 5th grade) and above are expected to move to online learning, which has caused a flurry of young suicides across the country.

Gyms may operate at 10% capacity with reservations only, no indoor dining is permitted. Goodbye, locally owned restaurants. Because some of the population is afraid of a 99.98% survivable virus, you no longer matter. The thirty years of hard work you invested, your family’s blood, sweat, and tears…they don’t matter. You will barely survive if you’re lucky, much like the restaurants barely holding on in other “red counties,” and you’ll likely close.

While restaurants and small retail shops close in droves in “red” counties all across the state, Coloradoans may seek solace. Loading up on groceries and Christmas decorations is all the rage at Walmart this week. Home Depot is also having a “protest,” since those are the only acts allowed right now. Well, only left wing defund the police, BLM Communist type protests are allowed. Anything else is racist. Who really knows anymore….

We didn’t consent to be treated like children, and we didn’t consent to censorship. Not one citizen of Colorado consented to having his life labeled by an arbitrary color scale.

Polis and the Colorado Hospital Association are lying. Wave 2 is a lie. The CDC is not recording flu deaths this year; there’s no need. Everything is COVID-19. Hospitalizations are only up because half the population is scared to death of the sniffles, thanks to the media and local governments’ fear mongering. Overall, utilization rates are only up 1-3% nationwide. There’s no crisis. No more people have died so far in 2020 than in 2019 on this date. This is s sham.

Let’s not forget the numbers game the state plays with COVID-19 hospitalizations, where anyone hospitalized within 30 days of a positive test (which is also a sham), is considered a COVID-19 hospitalization. It’s ALL a lie.

Polis, like most democratic governors, is intent on mass fear and propaganda so that his heavy hand may continue to write executive order after executive order. He’s written over 260 of them since the start of the scamdemic, and no one is able to stop him; it’s a Communist legislator’s dream.

Polis has had the freedom to sign executive orders regarding mail in ballots, totally unchecked.

The rest of the orders are a laundry list of Polis’s personal beliefs. He’s going to milk it for as long as he can. Inclusion in the state workplace, while noble and perhaps worth discussion at the legislative or voter level, is NOT grounds for an executive order. Polis also created a re-naming board for “offensive monuments and public places.” No one will vote on these renamings and removal of monuments except for Polis and his self-appointed board. Why not? What are you going to do about it? This is communism.

If you don’t agree, you’re going to be shamed by your government, the media, your neighbor, and your family. If you break the rules, any one of those entities might not only shame you, but turn you in. Fines for breaking these fake laws range from $99 to $999, with possible 12 months jail time. The state of Colorado released prisoners in the Spring for fear of the Rona, but if you don’t comply with Rona mandates, you’ll go to jail…where there’s massive Rona spread. Welcome to communism.

We are here, we have arrived. It’s only a matter of time before the rest of Colorado and the US is “red,” if not the new color, purple. CDPHE added purple last week to the color dial for extra scary feelings. We definitely needed one more color; four colors weren’t enough. Now that we have purple, the peasants might become more scared.

Communism is never based on data or fact; it’s based on the will of a few elites. We are here. As a matter of fact, we can’t post this article on Facebook today due to being in “Facebook jail.” A post about masks that was totally factual landed us in a seven day blackout. Facts begone.

Welcome to communism.