Chicago Dem Mayor tells people to stay home but rallies for Biden.

That’s pretty much the motto for democrats this election infection season. Stay home, cancel your plans, wear a mask…unless you’re rioting.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago, much like Illinois Governor Pritzker, is really good at being a hypocrite. It seems Illinois Dems are nothing more than a giant crowd of hypocrites. Earlier this week, cameras caught Teddy, the governor’s daughter, dining out in a massive group. The rules only apply to peasants.

Lori partying

When Biden was erroneously named President elect last week, Lori and her people were partying it up in the streets of Chicago, sans masks and social distancing. Because Rona isn’t actually that scary. But Lori wants YOU to know that you must stay home, stop having guests over, avoid non essential travel, /‘d cancel Thanksgiving plans.

This is the same mentality Nancy Pelosi had when she got her hair done during lockdowns. Do as we say; not as we do. Oh, and wear a mask, even though we riot without them.