BLM has demands for Biden Harris team

Not that anyone is surprised that the organization who does nothing but make demands is making more demands, but here we go…

BLM letter to Biden Harris 11/7

Patrisse Cullors, one of the founders of the communist hate group, demands a meeting with the “President and Vice President elect” in order to “get to work” because apparently Patrisse believes she’s relevant to the framework of the 2020-2024 America.

The letter also goes on to call the Trump administration racist and say that the “vitriol” in the White House has hurt black people, citing no specific examples. The letter also says America refuses to deal with its “most egregious and damnable shame,” which are pretty strong words for an organization that has done nothing for black people except tear down a few statues and create bail funds for its most egregious criminals.

Nevertheless, BLM says that black people have suffered and continue to suffer each day. They don’t. The letter also demands to be part of a new president’s transition team…because this is 2020, and what BLM wants, BLM gets.