BREAKING: Biden could use executive order for gun control

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Reported within the hour via Military News:

“White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters on Tuesday that President Joe Biden has not ruled out using executive orders for gun control.”

If and when Biden signs an executive order aimed at gun control, 2A supporters nationwide will feel the legislation; gun owners will likely be required to register all firearms, carry firearm insurance, and undergo mental health checks.

Considering Biden has signed over 50 executive orders under the guise of either “safety” or “racism” or both, he could sign HR 127 or something similar into law tomorrow without so much as a peep from the White House until it’s done. And when it is done, no matter which mechanism, sadly, Americans who still believed in the Constitution will find that just like that, it’s gone.

Biden is likely to severely limit who can purchase firearms, using pre-existing medical conditions like depression and head injuries to prevent citizens from owning guns. Additionally, ammunition quantities will be severely limited. Those with the financial ability to do so should consider purchasing firearms and ammunition before the Consitution is infringed…ideally, today.

The Colorado Herald