Biden calls for end to gun rights on Valentine’s Day

, introduced on January 4th, has a fair chance at passage since Democrats control both the Senate and the House. The legislation is an outright assault on Second Amendment rights, and there’s very little anyone can do about it.

Using the guise of the which occurred three years ago on Valentine’s Day of 2018 and left seventeen students dead and seventeen injured, Biden is getting the ball rolling on one of his and Kamala Harris’s top priorities, killing the gun industry as quickly as possible. Biden announced Sunday that he’s “calling on Congress” to enact HR 127 and “common sense legislation” aimed at curbing Second Amendment rights.

HR 127 puts background checks in place for anyone (over the age of 21) buying a firearm. Additionally, current gun owners will have three months to report all firearms they own, and all gun owners will need to purchase a separate insurance policy for their firearms from the federal government, which will cost about $800 per year. Military style firearms will require a separate license, and magazine quantities will be severely limited. Violations of federal law, HR 127, if passed, would lead to ten to fifteen years in jail, minimum, and fines starting at $50,000 dollars.

As proclaims, “The penalties under this bill are so extreme that owning an unregistered Glock 19 with two standard-capacity magazines could put you away for LIFE! That’s why HR 127 is so chilling. There are about 12,000 ways you or your loved ones could go away FOREVER or face TOTAL BANKRUPTCY.”

Second Amendment rights advocates cry foul at the discrimination throughout. Mental health screenings are required for gun ownership, and 127 prevents those with depression and other mental health issues from obtaining firearms licenses. The legislation is insulting to the mental health field and those with mental health issues; it purports the idea that those with mental health conditions cannot be trusted and are not capable of owning firearms. Also, those who have certain brain injuries or surgeries can’t own firearms; the legislation withholds basic constitutional rights on the basis of pre-existing medical conditions.

What’s next?

  • Those with alcoholism?
  • Those with drug addictions?
  • Those with heart conditions?
  • Those with sleep disorders?

, a group politicizing the tragedy as a 2A issue, lists “firearms” restrictions and safe practices amongst its top priorities. The LA County Board of Education, as well as several other educational pages, shared Stand with Parkland’s page on Valentine’s Day.

Stand with Parkland

The media is quick to support Biden in his assault on 2A rights; , amongst a slew of others, penned an article that read more like witness testimony in support of HR 127 than an information piece.

USA Today

Both Ted Cruz and Ken Paxton slammed Biden on Sunday. Paxton used the Texan phrase “Come and take it,” which on Inauguration Day. The phrase is a historical one that dares the government to infringe on gun rights. Paxton was speaking directly to Biden in his Facebook post on Valentine’s Day.

Biden has made no friends in the public since his Inauguration; he’s alienated and female athletes to name a few. While conservatives feared the day Biden would “come for their guns,” moderates claimed, “that could never happen.”

As moderates, libertarians, conservatives, and staunch nationwide believe, the day that any government entity comes “for people’s guns” is likely the first day of a Civil war. Short of coming to people’s homes to “take their guns,” however, it remains to be seen if the American Public will tolerate officers coming to their homes to ensure guns are registered and stored, and owners are mentally sound and paying gun insurance. And if the agency charged with ensuring “safety” removes guns from people’s homes for violations of HR 127, will the public tolerate that as law or rebel against it as tyranny?

US citizens have been conditioned for over a year to believe that the following are aimed at public safety:

  • Masks
  • Double masks
  • Pantyhose masks
  • Lockdowns
  • Restricted travel
  • Loss of education
  • Vaccines
  • Suicides and overdoses
  • Poverty, closed businesses

In the midst of COVID-19 chaos (it’s important to note the chaos), the following were introduced, and the public now tolerates:

  • Social justice riots
  • Defund the police movements
  • Violence from the left
  • Police as the enemy
  • US Military as the enemy
  • US Military and police as white supremacists
  • Math and science as racist
  • Monuments and names as racist
  • Not admitting racism as racist
  • Donald Trump and conservatives as racist
  • Masks as virtuous
  • Non mask-wearers as not loving, racist
  • COVID-19 as racist
  • US healthcare as racist
  • Schools as racist
  • Educators as racist

It’s all racist, and it’s all a threat to “safety.” In this case, “it” is the proverbial wants and desires of the average American person to live freely, with guns, without the government dictating education, and without being labeled as a racist for anything that doesn’t fit the narrative of “safety.”

A dangerous and barely talked about aspect of HR 127 is the clause that a central is established to compile a list of all gun owners and their private information, a clause the forefathers would’ve scoffed at. Every government agency and the public will have access to this information, so the database can take on other life forms…employer clearinghouse, doxxing mechanism. Not to mention, the registry would tip off potential burglars and thieves about which houses hold expensive firearms, making gun owners walking targets, as well as their homes and families.

Law Enforcement Today

is also in the works to dismantle protections for gun manufacturers in shootings, which would allow any victim’s family to sue gun makers for unspecified damages. Staying in business would prove to be immediately more expensive than closing the doors for most manufacturers, leading to a dangerous situation in which only governments, wealthy, and criminals own guns. The proposed legislation by the in its quest for safety does just that; guns are unobtainable for anyone but wealthy or connected people like Biden and Harris…or criminals who make them or steal them from wealthy people’s homes.

Littleton, Colorado’s Mayor and City Council legislation this month that makes mandatory special licenses for gun shops so expensive that they may eventually move, go out of business, or raise the price of firearms dramatically. Littleton residents were barely aware of the meeting February 6th to pass such an ordinance. The assault on 2A rights nationwide happens at a convenient time, almost as if perfectly planned.

Will HR 127 pass?

What’s to stop it? Democrats control the legislature, and the US Supreme Court hasn’t been any help so far this year in reversing any of Biden’s orders. Considering Biden has signed over , under the guise of either “safety” or “racism” or both, he could sign HR 127 or something similar into law tomorrow without so much as a peep from the White House until it’s done. And when it is done, no matter which mechanism, sadly, Americans who still believed in the Constitution will find that just like that, it’s gone.

When the government “comes” for the guns, and the public allows it to “take” the guns, the Constitution is a memory, and from this point forward, any President or dictator, or foreign enemy, can “take” anything and everything

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