China probably meant for you to die

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How many people in New York May have lived if not placed on ventilators At one point, 4,000 people were ventilated in New York, a treatment that was later contraindicated by physicians. Connect the dots.…/ventilators-in…

Ventilators killed thousands of people, and China was peddling them by the millions to the USA back in March. Nations such as Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands, as well as Brazil, purchased them in bulk, millions of dollars spent by each nation in China. The ventilators killed people, flat out.

By the time a few media sources reported that ventilators were medically contraindicated for this virus, tens of thousands were killed via ventilators. There was a sudden death surge in Italy, like New York, when the virus began because the country pushed ventilators on everyone because they were told to do so. Governors bought ventilators from China to treat patients.…/doctors-italy…/amp/

Governors like Pritzker and Polis purchased ventilators from “US contractors.” If you don’t know what a COVID US “contractor” is, they make direct cashless deals via the Bank of China and other CCP run entities, to broker ventilator and PPE deals with US officials that number in the tens to hundreds of millions in cashless “dollars.” Cashless, you say? “Cashless” means that no money changes hands, even via wire.

For those in the know (even our president), China told the US that we need ventilators. Lines of direct trade and communication were opened via elected officials, importers/consultants, CCP owned factories, and most importantly, CCP banks and the CCP itself.

The CCP used digital currently, made for this occasion, to broker the deals. China finally got what it wanted all along-direct unmitigated trade with the US, even if only with the elite government, celebrity, and upper end broker crowd. With an eventual global digital currency, though, and the upheaval of the US dollar as the de facto world currency, China and its way of life would be a force to reckon with, especially with CCP funded BLM next on the itinerary.…/64a5614b-8903-4711-8f36…

Ventilators are useless against C19, and the world realized that.

In fact, most ventilated patients in New York, the US epicenter of C19, died.…/most-covid-19-patients-placed…

Once doctors ceased using ventilators to treat whatever this is, deaths dramatically slowed. With a 5-6 week lag time since this revelation in late April, this coincides with the fall in deaths seen in May. China.…/08/28/coronavirus-live-updates.html

Physicians began to realize that if they didn’t ventilate, patients have a
better chance of living.

This revelation, coupled with the fact that the public began relentlessly questioning with/from COVID deaths in late May, continued a further death plummet.

Why did the CCP push ventilators on the US? They certainly didn’t do that in their country. Who knows what the masks are doing. But did the party know that the ventilators would kill us? If the US healthcare system hadn’t discovered that vents were killing patients, how many millions would have continued to die? Was a massive population thinning the goal all along

Most C19 patients aren’t very sick now that ventilators aren’t used, and deaths are extremely low, if even few are to be believed. What’s sad is that even though ventilators are rarely now used to treat C19, those who believe in COVID will always believe that we will run out of ventilators. Those fear mongering headlines were enough to last a lifetime.

Everyone has Coronavirus, eventually. It’s this year’s flu. The PCR tests will always show positives. The more they test, the more the cases surge. Governments will keep testing and testing. Studies prove that PCR tests reveal false positives at alarming rates, but it’s too late. By wave two, otherwise known as Plan B, everything is a mess.…/PIIS2213-2600(20…/fulltext

The economy is weak, and people are already divided on several key issues like COVID. BLM and the second wave are the next roller coaster ride to Election Day.

Wake up.

The Colorado Herald