Polis: this is an intervention

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Polis propaganda, courtesy 9News

Polis today states that this is an intervention, and Coloradoans must cancel plans with anyone outside their households.

According to CDPHE, there are 6 new hospitalizations . CDPHE and Polis realize that 6 people with a 99.98% survivable virus doesn’t sound like a lot, so they’ve begun giving the cumulative number only…

“9997 hospitalizations” sounds so much scarier than six people. So cancel your thanksgiving plans…the Rona has hospitalized six entire people.

Remember, Coloradoans aren’t allowed to see the real data. Colorado Hospital Association says it’s protected by HIPAA, which is a lie…HIPAA protects individual details, not broad numbers.

Also, according to El Paso County Public Health, any hospitalization within 30 days of a positive COVID-19 test is considered a COVID-19 hospitalization. Therefore, an individual could be hospitalized for a hip replacement, test positive a week later, and be added to the sham pile of hospital cases.

Why is Polis so intent on shut downs and masks?

The Colorado Herald