Polis reminds Colorado; the contract tracing app is available today!

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In what world would anyone ever think that normal everyday people are going to sign up for contract tracing through an app so that the government can notify them if they have been exposed to the virus that 99.8% of people survive?

As previously covered, the app is allegedly totally anonymous and alerts the user via tokens if they’ve been exposed to the virus they might not even know they have.

Jared Polis really wants to access your location

And again, this is coming from the same man who won’t tell Coloradoans how many people are actually hospitalized with COVID-19.

Anyone signing up for this mess should remember the day they allowed the government to literally have access to their locations,

Here is Jared Polis’ thread about his handy new contact tracing app. It looks like the public, based on the comments, isn’t really digging the new plans, either.

Privacy information at www.addyourphone.com

Add your phone is technology Colorado is using. Head to the website today to sign away more of your personal privacy.

The Colorado Herald