Cherry Creek High School paper: it’s time to end fascism in the White House

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A concerned parent shared pictures of Cherry Creek High School’s journal, The Union Street Journal, on social media on Friday evening, and several parents were alarmed at the radical politics within the publication.

The Union Street Journal

The cover reads, “Basketball Fights for Social Justice,” and the journal’s rhetoric inside is much more leftist, if not socialist.

Socialism inside the school journal

Two high school students at Cherry Creek created an actual socialist publication, and the school journal praised them for their political involvement.

The most interesting page

The most interesting feature is a column dedicated to Trump’s tweets, entitled “It’s time to end fascism in the White House.” None of the tweets pictured point to fascism. The students may want to read more on that topic in class.

Trump is disturbing

The publication contains several pages of anti-Trump rhetoric, calling the President “disturbing” and “racist.” Cherry Creek tax dollars are hard at work for social justice in 2020. The paper is written by students, so it’s no wonder there’s a massive protest for communism in Cherry Creek this Saturday at 10am.

The Colorado Herald