Breaking: Pueblo to Implement Curfew to Curb the Virus

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Pueblo officials cite rising COVID-19 cases as reason to implement a city-wide curfew from 10pm-5am.

Pueblo Mayor Gradisar

Whatever those same officials deem essential, such as pharmacies and grocery stores, will be permitted to stay open.

Apparently, this virus is extra dangerous at night. So if all Puebloans could be sure to be home by exactly 10pm (but not 10:15 because the virus spreads extra quickly after 10pm), we could probably “slow the spread.”

The curfew will last two weeks, and if the numbers continue to rise via the town’s waste water, then Pueblo will move to entire shut downs. The mayor says that all businesses will be totally shut down if people don’t abide by his curfew.

Just two more weeks…

The Colorado Herald