Santa Claus’ Route on Christmas Night will Be Tracked by the U.S. Military

Children around the world will be able to get information about the movements of Santa Claus on Christmas night thanks to the American base Peterson in Colorado, which will monitor him. This is reported by The Independent.

Despite a partial shutdown of U.S. government agencies, a military base in Colorado will uphold tradition by continuing to alert children around the world about Santa Claus’ movements on Christmas Eve.

About 1,500 volunteers will gather at the air base Dec. 24 for this purpose. They will answer calls that come in, talk about Santa’s whereabouts and hand out holiday wish lists.

Maj. Todd Walter said the military will use globally deployed radar systems, infrared satellite images and cameras to track Santa around the world.

“We will also use fighter jets to escort Santa,” Walter was quoted as saying by 360 TV.

The military has traditionally been telling children about Santa’s movements since 1955. It began when several kids were trying to find Santa Claus and accidentally dialed the number of the military command center in Colorado Springs because the local newspaper made a printing error.

Then U.S. Army Col. Harry Shoup ordered operators to track down information about Santa and provide it to every child who called.

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