Color purple added to fear mongering dial in CO

“Hey, Polis, it’s not working. People are not scared enough of the Rona plan…”

“Okay, guys…lets add PURPLE to the dial.”

CDPHE released a new dial for fear mongering, and the department added a new color. Purple has been added to the dial, indicating “extreme risk,” whatever that means.

Previous CDPHE propaganda
New CDPHE propaganda

Apparently, CDPHE believes that the color purple is really scary, and people will avoid Thanksgiving and other such gatherings as the color purple is approached.

Does the addition of the color purple to the state’s communist Rona dial mean anything whatsoever to you?

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6 Responses

  1. I don’t understand how the idiots who voted for Biden cannot see that Covid was deliberately put out by China and the dems to steal the election so we could have forced lockdowns for a virus with a 99% recovery rate all to take our rights away and to turn the USA into a communist country. How stupid can people really be or vote against the man who kept his made promises because his tweet offended them. I’m so fucking over this. When does the war start to regain our freedom????

    1. Sorry to say, people are THAT stupid
      THAT, and they have been programmed via drinking the leftist koolaid to hate Trump more than reason…

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. How many additonal colors will they add to the dial? The governor and the CDPH&E appear to think by trying the same things over and over again, they will come up with a different result (one definition of insanity). Instead, we the people get blamed for not wearing masks enough, not distancing and washing our hands enough, etc. Why not try focusing on protecting the elderly and those with comorbidities. Let everyone else live their lives. We aren’t going to beat this virus until we reach herd immunity or get a vaccine that works. The governor and our health departments are killing our economy and we’re seeing an increase in suicides, drug overdose deaths (130 in June alone) and domestic and child abuse cases. The cure really is worse than the disease.

  3. The color purple historically has indicated homosexuality. The Gov stepped on his own dick with this move. LGBTLSMFT groups will howl.

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