A Very Surprising October

In the last 48 hours, explosive allegations have been made by Allen Harrow Parrot, a CIA whistleblower who’s spent the last 20 years practicing falconry

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Election Night Blackout

Welcome to 100% Communism. Facebook is planning a total conservative blackout on election night and in the weeks following. Accounts will be blocked and banned

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Re-elect Cory Gardner
Your Colorado Voice

Elect Cory Gardner 

From: Will Johnson, Highlands Ranch Most of us agree that our country is sorely needing more bipartisan,constructive dialogue and cooperation these days. Senator Cory Gardnerembodies

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Beware Adams County

Adams County, be careful who you vote for. Emma Pinter for Adams County shows how she really feels about police officers in her Facebook posts.

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Election 2020

VIDEO: Brianna Titone

Brianna Titone has not represented the people of House District 27 well. She repeatedly promotes the sexualization of minors by encouraging 8 year olds to

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Debate night recap

Thoughts on the Debate… Trump starts off strong, though looking admittedly angry. Biden starts off strong as well. Immediately, they enter into an open discussion.

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NFL sham continues

King Polis is so proud of his digital kingdom, created via lies and sham deals with China. As for the Broncos, no one cares. 5700

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24 Hours in Denver Politics

-Mayor Hancock signs a letter to demand federal police stay out of Denver. -Dave Williams, State Rep, asks Trump to send federal agents, citing increased

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