Joe O’Dea is the worst Republican candidate in CO; should never run for office as an “R” again

If you’re a Republican and you’re questioning who to support for US Senate…if you’ve even hinted at supporting Joe O’Dea over Ron Hanks, it’s time to question if you’re really a Republican at all.

It’s no secret that establishment Republicans will back their guy no matter what…quite literally. And in the case of Joe O’Dea, who’s barely qualified to run for city council let alone US Senate, the establishment has really outdone itself.

As it turns out, Good Ole Joe is not really a Republican at all. Not only has Joe donated to both Bennett and Perlmutter, woke Democrats to the millionth degree, but he doesn’t even have a good explanation for his financial transgressions. O’Dea was asked by an audience member at the GOP’s Capitol Club on Thursday why he donated to Michael Bennett.

“I was at a fundraiser, and it was expected that business people like myself donate” was Joe’s blasé explanation for giving Bennett, who’s responsible for much of Colorado’s socialist decay, a lofty $500 donation.

What’s way worse than O’Dea’s shady financial contributions is his pro-choice stance on abortion, which the establishment Republicans are quick to sweep under the rug because Joe is simply “better than Ron Hanks.” O’Dea believes Roe should be codified into law, a position he affirmed on Dan Caplis last week, when O’Dea told Caplis abortion should be a “limited” right for American women. You’d think the Republican Party would have banished O’Dea to the GOP basement to think about his words and actions, and you’d think the establishment would have washed their hands of Joe since these offensive revelations were brought to light by Hanks. But you would be wrong; every moderate with an “R” next to their names has embarrassingly stepped up to endorse O’Dea while claiming Ron is just “too extreme.”

What is it about Ron Hanks, State Representative of Colorado’s HD-60, that the establishment finds so “extreme” that they’re willing to throw out decades of conservative values fighting against? Why is Hanks’s Senatorial run such a grave concern for Colorado’s anti grass-roots Republican buddy system that they’re willing to overlook one of the party’s most treasured stances, the pro-life pillar, for a pro-abortion moderate with no legislative experience and a total inability to sway voters or speak publicly? Joe O’Dea…a candidate with ZERO political experience and the WRONG values.

Ron Hanks makes Republicans think…and have to work harder. Ron is not a fly under the radar moderate like his peers. Hanks has authored several ultra conservative bills this year, such as HB22-1204, which required in-person voting but was quickly killed in committee. Ron champions pro Second Amendment bills, and he was also the only Colorado lawmaker to attend the peaceful protest at the US Capitol on January 6th. In fact, Democrat colleagues called for Ron’s removal from the Colorado House of Representatives.

Put simply, Ron Hanks is the conservative choice Colorado Republicans have purported to want for decades…he does not back down from his beliefs and won’t be swayed by anyone, especially Democrats. This fact really grinds the gears of the establishment. How dare anyone stand up so fiercely for our freedoms? Really what this boils down to is lawmakers like Hanks draw a sharp contrast from the more do-nothing Republicans and the far left ones…and that makes the establishment look bad. They need to continue the charade of flying under the radar, and Joe O’Dea is the guy for flying under the radar. No one even knew his name until he wrote a check for his ballot signatures, cementing his name on the ballot next to the only real candidate…the only candidate who went through assembly and was vetted by Colorado’s Republicans-Ron Hanks.

So the establishment in Colorado, who mostly once backed Eli Bremer, Gino Campana, or Deborah Flora for US Senate, now jump behind a no-name businessman who has never done a thing for the party…never knocked on a door, never signed up to help other candidates get elected…just showed up and paid a lot of money for signatures.

And as Rep Ron Hanks stated at the Capitol Club, “No one really knew O’Dea was pro-abortion because he was not vetted by the delegates prior to State Assembly.”

O’Dea is just a rich guy who thinks he can beat Bennett. Worse, though, is the fact that O’Dea isn’t even politically savvy enough to know what he doesn’t know…that he’s being used for his millions as the only wealthy person in the state with a big enough ego and enough establishment R’s like Bill Owens around him to convince Joe to squander his fortune to keep the actual Republican candidate out of the 2022 General Election. A political newcomer, O’Dea is like the eager rich kid at school who buys everyone’s friendship. And that’s what he’s done…he’s bought the establishment’s guarantee that they’ll always support him for US Senate…above the only qualified and conservative candidate left on the ballot.

It’s time Colorado Republicans stop propping up someone they don’t even know, just to spite a man who’s worked harder than the rest. It’s time to get behind Ron Hanks and abandon the sham that is Joe O’Dea’s candidacy. Perhaps 2024 would be better for Joe…with a “D” next to his name.

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Thank you for exposing O’Dea! It was clear the establishment didn’t care to vet his values. It’s always been anyone but Hanks. Obviously, Ron Hank’s refusal to accept a fraudulent election and the permanent loss of liberties that go along with it. Proud of his determination, transparecy and remaining honorable in the campaign while so many others in the same fight have given in to dishonest tactics.

Evie Zur

It is refreshing to see more news sources like The Colorado Heralds spring up in response to the tsunami of fake news propaganda sources we have been force fed too long. It was equally refreshing to see a substantive article doing the actual vetting on Senate candidate Joe O’Dea that should have been done by a select group of GOP backers….AND WAS NOT. O’Dea it is pointed out does not even come close to representing conservative Republican Platform Values. This article concludes O’Dea should run instead as a Democrat because that is where he really belongs. When I saw Rupert Murdock’s “Progressive” daughter smiling and pledging $ millions to Colorado “R” Republicans who would support the progressive agenda. I look at Joe ODea and wonder if he is one of her favored “R” candidates. Call me naive if you wish, but I believe Colorado Voters are smart, not stupid. Colorado… Read more »

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