Boulder, Lafayette, Superior & Louisville set to crush the Second Amendment June 7th

Boulder, in its ever woke quest to appease the left, has always been a “leader” in the Dems’ crusade to literally scrap the Second Amendment in the name of “safety.” Boulder has used shootings several times over the years to trample on its residents’ core Constitutional rights, and the municipality isn’t stopping anytime soon. In fact, Louisville, Superior, and Lafayette have joined Boulder in aiming to kill the Second Amendment.

In 2018, Boulder enacted a ban on assault-style weapons as well as high capacity magazines. The justification for infringing on residents’ core Constitutional rights was the left’s feelings as usual. Common sense has proven over the last two decades after the Columbine school shooting that law-abiding citizens are not the people who perpetrate mass shootings. Unconstitutional laws, no matter how hard the left tries, do nothing to stop criminal terrorists and the mentally ill from mass shootings.

In fact, a judge struck down Boulder’s 2018 unconstitutional ban as just that in the Spring of 2021. Sadly, though, a mass shooting by a Muslim terrorist at Boulder’s King Soopers and a Dem-controlled legislature brought back the ban in the winter of 2022. The left never misses a good tragedy to steal guns from law-abiding Americans.

In June of 2021, the Dem-controlled, anti-gun Colorado legislature passed SB21-256, Local Regulation of Firearms, which gives local jurisdictions, including special districts, the right to ignore the Constitution and further restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens. The law, signed by Polis last year, is blatantly Unconstitutional, as it puts residents at odds with their localities regarding firearm possession. While many counties, such as El Paso, have passed ordinances to enshrine themselves as Second Amendment sanctuaries, thus considering residents immune from such unconstitutional laws as SB21-256 and preventing special districts from becoming too restrictive in their 2A laws, most towns and cities in Colorado don’t have such protective ordinances.

Taking this woke insanity a step further, Boulder, Superior, Louisville, and Lafayette have used the Boulder shooting as a means to bring back an ordinance once considered unconstitutional. Apparently, feelings work that way for the left and can be easily used to justify any infringement of individual rights…no matter how much law-abiding citizens don’t want more laws.

Despite the fact that more background checks, red flag laws, and a host of other unconstitutional measures have been totally ineffective at stopping Colorado shootings, the democrats are dead set on killing Coloradoans’ most basic human rights.



On June 7th, the cities of Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette, and Superior are all voting on local gun control ordinances.

Louisville June 7th 6:00 p.m.
Louisville City Hall
749 Main St
Louisville, CO 80027

Boulder June 7 6:00 p.m. Virtual meeting

Lafayette June 7th 5:30 PM
Lafayette City Hall
1290 S Public Rd
Lafayette, CO 80026

Superior June 7th 7:00 p.m.
Town of Superior
124 E Coal Creek Dr
Superior, CO 80027
-this meeting has the possibility of being remote

Louisville City Council
Entire Council: [email protected]
Mayor Ashley Stolzmann: [email protected]
Caleb Dickinson: [email protected]
Chris Leh: [email protected]
Deborah Fahey: [email protected]
Maxine Most: [email protected]
Kyle Brown: [email protected]

Lafayette City Council, Superior Board of Trustees.

Show up, make noise…make it more difficult for the woke liberals in Boulder to trample on Coloradoans’ rights.

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