Widefield CO school district moves to e-learning; too many teachers with COVID-19 vaccine sickness

On Tuesday, Widefield School District 3 moved to remote learning because too many teachers were sickened by the COVID-19 vaccine.

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This startling revelation shouldn’t come as a surprise to those who know that the vaccine is a new gene therapy cocktail, but it should serve as a warning to those still on the fence about receiving the shot.

Do you have a backup plan for getting to work? Will your employer excuse you? If you became suddenly ill in the middle of the night from the vaccine, is there anyone close by who can help you? If your elderly parents are planning to get vaccinated, do they live alone? Will anyone check on them after receiving the shot?

The School District’s statement reads like something out of The Hunger Games versus school district information. “We will transition to e-learning for all PK-12 students on Wednesday, March 17. This is due to staff absences caused by side effects from the COVID-19 vaccination. Please follow your classroom instructions for e-learning.”

School District 3

Mainstream media continues to work hard to convince the public that despite physicians reporting 1637 deaths and thousands of adverse events from the COVID-19 vaccine, it’s 100% safe. Those who disseminate information that Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t approve of will be banished into oblivion

School District 3 doesn’t have enough teachers to teach students because too many of them are sick from the COVID-19 shot. In recent history, readers would find difficulty recalling a time when a medical treatment made so many people sick that entire businesses and school districts had to shut down. But this is 2021, and you will accept this vaccine as both necessary and good.

It’s for your safety.