Why Cuba is what the US needed this week and how CRT plays into Communism

As the US further descends into the brink of communism, whether via the loss of free speech, the loss of the right to breathe and gather freely, the loss of the ability to gather for religion, or takeover by way of teachers’ unions and critical race theory, half the country (Democrats) watches in admiration while the other half recoils at the fall of a constitutional republic.

As many “conspiracy theorists” warned, “two weeks to flatten the curve” in March of 2020 was a ploy for “where are your papers…” just 18 short months later. The US is indeed on the brink of a new form of government that resembles communism, or at least socialism for the time being.

An extensive loss of freedom has occurred since in the 1970’s, born straight out of political correctness, a theory created by Lenin himself. But since the COVID-19 scandal was spawned, Americans’ loss of freedoms has been staggering, overwhelming and downright terrifying to non-leftists.

The New Left does not subscribe to actual politics or convictions; instead, it seeks to tear down cultural norms in order to burn the US down from the inside since it couldn’t win over more than half the public in honest and meaningful ways. Indeed, critical race theory is a vehicle of destruction. The theory seeks to convince white people that they are inherently racist; racism is in their DNA. Black and brown people, on the other hand, cannot be racist. Any crimes they commit or atrocities they perpetrate, according to CRT, are the historical and current faults of white people, who commit racism simply with their presence in the world.

CRT breaks down human beings, namely white ones, by making them believe that their whole lives have been a lie, and that everything they have done is racist. It dehumanizes individuals, like masks and other Chinese PPE, in order to break their spirit…in order to berate them so fully into oblivion that they accept total government control and assault of their rights.

And half the US already has…

While the American New Left cries out for less freedom and more censorship, more January 6th committees, more masks, more lockdowns, more teachers unions, and more COVID propaganda, meanwhile crying racism anytime Americans don’t adhere to this new communism, Cubans lament the idiocy of our nation’s wokes.

Cubans have lived under a tyrannical regime for over 120 years; now, they are fed up with poverty and loss of freedom. As they began their unexpected and massive protests in the streets of Havana and other Cuban cities Sunday, Cubans waved American flags. Americans should take note.

Freedom isn’t guaranteed. It must be fought for, preserved, and spread every single day. Americans have, in that sense, lost their way. Republicans understand this concept; the New Left does not. From the left’s perspective, the allure of communism and socialism lies in their neighbors’ loss of rights. The New Left doesn’t comprehend that eventually, they lose their rights, too.

Everyone loses their rights under communism and socialism, a concept leftists do not grasp.

In just 18 short months, Americans have lost their rights, at least in some areas, to:

  • Breathe freely without Chinese PPE covering their mouths.
  • Speak freely, whether at work, online, or in person.
  • Gather freely in churches and synagogues to worship their God(s).
  • Gather in groups to celebrate holidays.
  • Run their businesses as they see fit.
  • Access quality, unbiased news rather than New Left propaganda aimed at further loss of rights.
  • Send their children to school for an education.
  • Allow their children to breathe freely.
  • Possess and carry certain, if any, firearms in order to protect themselves and their families.
  • Call the “China virus” exactly what it is; a virus made by China.

As if the loss of those major freedoms isn’t enough, Americans are now losing their rights to:

  • Reject critical race theory, or racism against white people.
  • Reject an experimental mRNA shot they don’t actually need, for a family of 99.8% survivable viruses unleashed by the Chinese.
  • Teach their children as they see fit, perhaps one of the most disastrous consequences of phased in communism.

The US is headed, rather quickly thanks to the COVID-19 scandal, towards communism. Without the COVID-19 scandal, the left could’ve never convinced people to voluntarily give up their rights. The scandal was created by the Wuhan lab to meet exactly that goal…cause fear, uncertainty, and cynicism in American lefties until they turn on their own neighbors and trust the government solely for “their safety.” The Chinese Communist Party wants nothing more than for Americans to be as berated and poor, as controlled and unfree as Cuba and the the Chinese kill each day in mass genocide if they’re not forced to make masks in slave factories that Americans later wear “for their safety.”

Most Americans are not free. Americans are not at present permitted to believe what they want and live as they wish. Those who do and who choose not to participate in a mass eugenics experiment, don Chinese PPE, or proclaim all white people as white supremacists are quickly labeled “grandma killers,” “racists,” “extremists,” and “white supremacists.”

If you choose to live your life freely, in 2021, you are a white supremacist, a literal killer. According to the droves of New Lefties on social media, you’re risking people’s lives and could kill someone with the very notion of being unvaccinated or not believing in critical race theory. And that is communism…convincing people that taking away their freedoms is for their safety and turning neighbors against each other like the Stasi.

While Cubans take to the streets to protest poverty, lack of freedom, and tyranny, the US media is quick to claim that Cubans want more vaccines. A quick glance at Twitter and the last 160 years in Cuba proves that’s a lie; Cubans want freedom. Governor tweeted his support for Cuba Sunday night, as did many freedom-loving Americans across the nation.

But what about leftists? Will they hear the message Cuba is sending us, waving American flags in the name of ending socialism, in the name of the US escaping it’s own CCP-led descent into communism?

The US, in a pivotal moment in history, must learn from Cuba. Cubans have suffered enormously under their government, especially in the last six decades under Castro. Naive new leftists delude themselves into believing that type of tyranny can not be felt in America. But it already has.

Americans are poorer, less free, and hate their neighbors infinitely more than they did last year, thanks to the Chinese way of life seeping into America via PPE, social distancing, and total government overreach. Wokeness is not a desirable way of life, and Americans should take note of the misery Cuba feels.

Fight your government each day. Don’t allow your neighbors to serve as the gestapo. Stick to your convictions, reject critical race theory, reject the experimental vaccine that’s killing people more often than COVID in several nations, and don’t let anyone tell you you’re a racist or a grandma killer. Beating communism must occur at micro and macro levels; it starts at home but must be fought in every school, against every teachers union, against any government requiring its citizens to don Chinese PPE, against any entity requiring a shot for any reason, and against anyone trying to convince you that you’re a racist.

Americans, who are rallying for and against the new communism, are at the beginning of federal government takeover; Cubans are at the end of it. They’re done. They’re poor, they’re tired, they’re sick, they’re hungry, and they’re not going to watch their government kill anymore innocent people in the name of safety. Cuba is what the US will become if the war on communism isn’t won.

Cuba is just what the US doctor prescribed for rejecting CCP and US-led efforts at total government control…maybe not Dr. Fauci, since he’s in bed with China.

~Irma Rovva