Why are so many soldiers in D.C?

Beginning January 6th, the day of the riots at the Capitol, National Guard troops began arriving in the nation’s Capitol. Social media was abuzz with rumors of impending martial law or an insurgency, which were debunked.

But the soldiers continued to show up…in droves.

By Friday night, estimates claimed anywhere from 30,000 to 65,000 troops were already in Washington, D.C. ahead of Inauguration Day.

AirB&B has cancelled all reservations in Washington, D.C. until after Biden is inaugurated, but despite demands from the Hotel Workers’ Union and BLM, neither the city nor most hotels have made the decision to close such businesses. Flights are still actively bringing people to D.C, where they’re staying in hotels. The threat can’t be that massive.

On Friday evening, Right Side Broadcasting showed a totally empty Washington, D.C. with a few tents set up across the city. All of that seems pretty extreme for a few “right wing terrorists,” as tunnels, bridges, and public roads are completely shut off from public usage.

As reports surfaced Monday of the White House vetting national guard soldiers, Biden claims he’s scared of an inside job, causing a flurry of investigations and interrogations. More than 2,000 national guard troops have been promoted this week in D.C., elevating them to US Marshalls.

Left wing attorneys and activists across social media called for anyone who suspected radicalized Trump supporters of being in the military to report them on Tuesday. But again, there is no credible threat of an inside job.

Even the threat of a foreign job on January 20th doesn’t add up, though credible threats exist of a Chinese or Iranian attack in the near future. If a credible foreign threat existed, there’d be no logical reason for a concentration of military presence in Washington, D.C. but no movement of military outside of the city.

The paranoia echoes calls for mask-wearers to turn in non mask-wearers, report neighborhood parties, and doxx each other. Media had reported far and wide by Tuesday evening that twelve service members had been sent home from Washington, D.C. for associating with right wing groups. However, US Army officials confirmed they proved no threat to President Biden. Two of the soldiers had been removed from the Inauguration assignment for inappropriate texts and comments on social media. “Inappropriate” doesn’t exactly equate to “threat.”

So far, 0.04 percent of US National Guard soldiers have been found to even associate with right wing groups, and zero percent of the troops in D.C. are determined to pose any threat to President Elect Biden. With so many national guardsmen being brought into D.C. and Biden worried about an “inside job,” it’s convenient that the White House now has unilateral power to dismiss law-abiding, time-serving military people home from service because of their beliefs.

As reported by The Hill, Washington D.C. Mayor Bowser today called for any troops whose ideas might “pull” them, to be removed from the National Guard. Democrats are calling for an exhaustive investigation of the US military, in a sense.

On January 6th, as the Capitol was stormed by extremists, a few of which later turned out to be law enforcement and military personnel, given the makeup of the legislature and Biden’s paranoia, the rioters basically ushered in the ability for public service positions to be targeted. The military is no exception.

And just as “defund the police” became mainstream this year, far left extremists will probably attach onto similar animosity, thanks to mainstream media, towards the military. Doxxing has become so mainstream that military personnel could be subject to military (and social media) investigations based on their beliefs, and possibly terminations.

In an extreme scenario, if military branches and bases don’t conform to what the media determines “justice,” protests will ensue.

In a best case scenario, more of the public will come to mistrust the military, which is made up close to 100% entirely of well-intentioned people who invest their time and energy into serving their country.

Obviously, anyone whose beliefs become violent, paranoid, aggressive, or do damage to others in any way should be removed from the military, law enforcement, or any other position. But the situation unfolding in Washington, D.C. reads more like a giant interrogation and set-up than a safety measure. The nation can only hope nothing violent occurs tomorrow.

Whatever happens this week, at least 30,000 soldiers were quickly “vetted” based on a suspicion. It’s of public interest to know why they were ever actually there, especially if no major events transpire tomorrow.