WHO lowers PCR cycle count, causing less positives on the day Biden becomes President

Today, the WHO, as predicted by many, lowered the cycle count threshold for a positive COVID-19 test, which will cause up to 90% less positive COVID-19 tests in the weeks and months ahead. It’s convenient that this happened on the day Biden takes office as President of the US.

The new guidance states that “the cycle threshold needed to detect virus is inversely proportional to the patient’s viral load,” insinuating that the previous guidelines cycle count thresholds detected far too much virus, causing false positives.

The New York Times studied the amount of “Coronavirus” in positive PCR tests back in August and found that in most instances, the amount of virus present is insignificant. These tests have indicated positive COVID-19 results for chicken wings, dogs, pawpaws, a goat, and zoo animals such as lions.

What happens if a scientist swabs his entire home for any strain of staphylococcus? He will probably find some! But that doesn’t mean he has an active staph infection. COVID-19 is no different, and now the WHO policy reflects that notion.

For the last week of August 2020, the US recorded 46,504 positive COVID-19 tests. If a reasonable threshold were applied to distinguish viral presence versus active cases of the virus, the number might be closer to 4500 people, the New York Times exhaustive study confirmed. That study went totally ignored by policy makers until today.

The data on PCR tests does not corroborate a pandemic, which makes decisions based on the data very poor decisions. Publications such as this one, NYT, and Springstaxpayers.com have raised alarm bells about PCR thresholds since March, but those calls went unanswered until today, the day President Biden assumes office.

As The Lancet, Respiratory Medicine reported in a September study,

“To summarise, false-positive COVID-19 swab test results might be increasingly likely in the current epidemiological climate in the UK, with substantial consequences at the personal, health system, and societal levels (panel). Several measures might help to minimise false-positive results and mitigate possible consequences. Firstly, stricter standards should be imposed in laboratory testing. This includes the development and implementation of external quality assessment schemes and internal quality systems, such as automatic blinded replication of a small number of tests for performance monitoring to ensure false-positive and false-negative rates remain low, and to permit withdrawal of a malfunctioning test at the earliest possibility. Secondly, pretest probability assessments should be considered, and clear evidence-based guidelines on interpretation of test results developed. Thirdly, policies regarding the testing and prevention of virus transmission in health-care workers might need adjustments, with an immediate second test implemented for any health-care worker testing positive.”

PCR tests, even back in September, are so unreliable that a journal of respiratory medicine recommends health care workers who test positive for COVID-19 are re-tested to rule out false positives.

Despite the overwhelming research that PCR tests are inaccurate, policy decisions hinged on them. In August, seventy-seven NFL players tested positive for COVID-19 via PCR tests but were later found not to have Coronavirus. The only reason the error was discovered was the outlandish circumstances of an entire team testing positive prompted a re-test. Re-testing doesn’t occur with the general population, unlike the NFL, so no one knows how many false PCR positives exist.

January 11th

That said, today is a new day, and President Biden has been sworn into office. Positive COVID-19 tests should drop dramatically, and just like that…calls will ring out from the left for the economy to re-open. In fact, New York Governor Cuomo and Chicago Mayor Lightfoot, both historically fans of lockdowns, called for re-opening New York and Chicago this weekend.

COVID-19 should be a distant memory in no time.

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The entire plandemic was so clearly a farce designed to get rid of Trump (and also punish the UK for Brexit). Anytime CNN or MSNBC has a ticker showing you “case” numbers, you know it’s all for show. The deep state, globalists, and both political parties wanted Trump gone. It is no coincidence that the Wu-flu happened right after impeachment failed.

Sadly, most of the public has failed this test of basic comprehension. The “elites” have learned much from it though, I assure you of that!

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