Whitney Lulloff found, allegations of abuse?

Whitney Lulloff went missing January 4th after boarding an A-line train to 61st Avenue in Denver rather than meeting her family at the Denver airport. A frantic search ensued, and Whitney hadn’t been heard from since that day.

Denver Police updated the public four days ago and stated they believed that Whitney ran away voluntarily and is safe.

DPD Update

DPD said nothing less and nothing more, meaning they didn’t want anyone else to know where she was.

Whitney video yesterday letting the world know she’s okay, but her family said that wasn’t her after Whitney revealed allegations of abuse against her family. Fast forward to today, after days of suspicious behavior from Whitney’s family…Whitney made a Facebook appearance early this morning. Lulloff recorded a video of herself, clearly her, telling her audience that she is alive and well.

The Lulloff family claimed that the previous video was not Whitney, prompting her to release the second video today. In addition, the Luloffs have not commented at all since the video went public.

Lulloff lives with her mother and her stepfather, who was picking her up at the airport the night she vanished. She had promised her father she would text him after landing in Denver from visiting him in Arizona, but she never did.

Karen Kopp, Whitney’s mother, and friends started an online fundraiser to raise money to “bring Whitney Home.” As of this writing, the link was removed. In addition to that removal, Kopp’s post about her daughter being found is erased.

Kopp’s yesterday post

In Luloff’s second video, she makes it clear that she has talked to Denver Police Department, which DPD has confirmed above. So why hasn’t the media DPD let the public know that Lulloff is alleging abuse on behalf of her family?

In a Denver7 article released earlier today, Kopp says she believes that Luloff is being held captive.

“‘Somebody else is involved that we don’t know and that none of her friends know. That leads me to believe that, maybe, she met someone online — that there’s a predator of some sort,’ Kopp said.”

“On Monday, DPD investigators said they believe that Lulloff is ‘voluntarily refusing to return home.’”

Whitney Lulloff has refused to come home, and Denver Police state she’s safe. They have not announced that she’s being held captive, unlike her mother. There are no active searches or Amber Alerts for the sixteen year-old, indicating that, seven hours after her second video, she is alive and well.

If Denver Police has any doubt Lulloff wasn’t safe, these videos wouldn’t be swept under the rug. They’d be frantically trying to find her, and they would be asking the public for more information regarding her surroundings or conducting searches rather than telling the public Luloff is safe.

In behavior similar to that of Leticia Stauch, who killed her stepson Gannon last year, as documented by True Crime Society. Kopp’s comments become shorter fewer. Her social media presence has changed in tone and presence almost overnight. What Kopp in a sense alleges is that Lulloff has been kidnapped and groomed online, and that Kopp is the only person allowed to release this information to the public. Normally, law enforcement release such info in a controlled manner rather than ignoring the information and allowing a family member to post it on social media, without ever addressing Kopp’s allegations a day later.

Obviously, Kopp and family are innocent of any wrongdoing unless convicted of crimes. There are other possibilities, but law enforcement and Lulloff seem to have cultivated a good relationship. It’s possible she was instructed by law enforcement to release the videos in some scenarios, prompting movement from anyone suspected of wrongdoing.

January 10th, 2021

According to Complete Colorado, Whitney reached out to Evan Todd, a famous children’s advocate, for help. Todd reached out to Complete Colorado, who published the video online.

According to Kopp’s Facebook page, Whitney has run away on several other occasions. People on Reddit claiming to be Lulloff’s friends claim she was being beaten by her stepfather and mother.