White House: forget rising gas and meat prices; Biden saved you sixteen cents on lemonade

Gas prices are up dramatically, than this week in 2020. At $3.13 per gallon national average, drivers are paying $0.95 cents more per gallon than last Fourth of July.

The cost of used cars , with many consumers opting to keep their older model vehicles as used car prices become unaffordable. This dramatic rise in prices is caused by a stalled new car market. New car production has been hit by the pandemic. Last year, fewer people purchased newer cars, so inventory was slashed by most new car dealers. Additionally, a computer chip shortage 2021.

has skyrocketed over 100% since Biden assumed office, with builders across the US adding averages of $40k to $100k on top of new home builds, passing that cost along to consumer home purchasers.

and Wall Street Journal claim that restaurant and grocery store food prices are up in 2021, a stark difference from the Biden White House’s propaganda;

“In May, US consumer , jumping 5% from the previous year, as the cost of meat products and baked goods led the surge in food prices, according to the ‘We’re in a period of unprecedented commodity inflation,’ Unilever CEO Alan Jope on Monday.”

But as meat and baked good prices soar, Biden wants Americans to know that cheap, processed foods like hot dogs and kool aid are cheaper this year…by a whole sixteen cents. For those who live more than a mile from the grocery store, that sixteen cents savings is erased by a gallon of gas that’s 95 cents higher than last year.

According to , the most expensive grocery items right now include rice, milk, oranges, coffee, meat, and seafood. However, the cost of most items has skyrocketed due to the increased cost of food and grain, passed along to the consumer.

The items included in the food survey conducted by the White House to fulfill its exact propaganda while ignoring the costs of inflation include . Americans should be very thankful that those specific items will cost 16 cents less this year, while almost all other daily necessities cost infinitely more than they did in 2019.

Biden’s Ministry of Truth also forgot to mention that in addition to gas, building costs, and most foods costing more this year than last, his comparison also ignores the fact that , such as lemonade, cost 8% more in 2021 than they did in 2019, when the cost of grain and feed was first sent into upheaval by the COVID-19 scandal.

Not one aspect of the economy or everyday life is better for Americans this week in 2021 than it was in 2020, especially not 2019. . Fact checkers, often , are hard at work reassuring the American Public that ; it’s supply and demand at work.

Meanwhile, forget about those gas prices, inflation, and the fact that your government lied to you about at least a hundred facets of the COVID-19 scandal. Biden saved you sixteen cents on lemonade this year.

~Irma Rovva