Weld RE-4 school board President and board wife shame no-mask parents

Weld RE-4 has experienced its share of mask controversies and wokeisms this year. In April, Windsor High School came under fire for displaying a sign that called all non mask-wearers “rednecks.”

When we contacted the school, the sign was removed. The school claimed that the sign wasn’t meant to be offensive and instead was a play on a “popular song.”

On Monday night, Weld County parents gathered at a Weld Re-4 school board meeting to express their frustrations with the continued requirement that students wear masks. While the tension was palpable, the group didn’t cause any harm or act aggressively. Nevertheless, as per masker behavior, several notable figures came out of the woodwork to shame the parents who showed up to advocate for their children.

Jeromey Balderrama, a blog owner and parent of a Weld County student, took the opportunity to slam parents who showed up to the meeting to protest further mask wearing for their children. Balderrama posted a condemning the parents with whom he didn’t agree. He didn’t just condemn them; he talked about them as if their options aren’t valid. Balderrama took a leftist bullying stance. More disturbingly, the School Board President and a board member’s wife spread Balderrama’s eager insults as fact…the main mechanism of the liberal propaganda game.

And not one media source or school leader condemned their vapid censorship; it’s all in the name of Holy mask-wearers, the cult of “public safety,” or shaming other people for their beliefs.

The president of the School Board, , shared Balderrama’s shameful opinion fest as fact…with a heart emoji. Apparently, Lieber loves shaming parents who dissent from her teachers’ union propaganda.

“Forty weeks later, I am elated that our children were blessed with in-person learning throughout the entire school year. This achievement would not have been possible without the exhaustive efforts, ingenuity, and sacrifice by the Weld RE-4 district, with virtually no help from any parents or community volunteers,” reads Balderrama’s snooze fest of a liberal talking point piece.

Blessed that our kids are back in school? Parents pay taxes and expect that their kids will be in school and not quarantined at home for e-learning while socialist teachers’ unions demand more and more time and perks at the expense of our children. Balderrama is misguided if he believes, truly, that school is a “blessing.” This isn’t China; school is a right, and the Weld Re-4 board is owed no thanks, let alone immunity from criticism.

“The educators of Weld RE-4 have given us 170 in-person schooling gifts, each day accomplished through tireless work, endless sacrifice, extracting a toll that will never be fully appreciated,” cries Balderrama in his propaganda for next School Board member. He’d make a great board member; then woke unions love people who think school is a “gift” for which Coloradoan peasants should kiss the feet of school staff and unions.

What’s most disturbing is that the President shared his woke shaming piece across social media, and the wife of a school board member, Kristi Smart, spread Balderrama’s feelings as wokes fact all across Nextdoor and Facebook. Doing so sends the signal to parents who don’t believe in masking their children that their beliefs indeed do not matter.

Kristi Smart’s Facebook post

Several parents contacted the superintendent, Dan Seegmiller, PhD, to express their concerns about the unwillingness of the board to hear contrasting opinions coupled with the board’s willingness to spread the narrative that parents who advocate for their children to ditch the masks, which categorically do not work, over a year into this 99.97% survivable, contrived pandemic. Seegmiller was not receptive and would not meet with the parents.

Masks are 100% useless; if anything, they cause harm. The pandemic is a fake one meant to encourage, via free donuts, and eventually force most of the population into receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. Nevertheless, Weld County Re-4 School Board as a whole continues to not only place political theatre, at the behest of the teachers’ unions, above the education and well-being of the students it ought to protect, but the board continues to shame, insult, and belittle parents who are simply advocating for their children.

Consequently, concerned parents are tossing around the idea of a recall. At a minimum, the parents are working diligently until the next election to fill the vacancies in WeldCo districts A and C (above).

When a school board has become more concerned with spreading personal blogs that support its narrative than hearing the parents, education has lost its way. And indeed, education, whether in WeldCo or nationwide, has lost its way to wokeness…the suppression of anything not in line with liberalism, masks, critical race theory, or any other feeling-based, non-scientific movement based on purely socialist principles.

From Jenna Mills, a concerned parent:

“So I am definitely no journalist but I am going to write a response to Jeromey’s article that he wrote about the Weld RE-4 school board meeting.

First and foremost, I would like to point out that at no point last night was anyone acting like a mob. There were a lot of parents who attended last nights board meeting which is their right. They went there with the intended purpose to talk about next school year 21/22 and making masks optional or not having masks at all. They were not there to discuss the last 3 days of school as Jeromey would have you believe.

Second of all, every parent has the right to be heard. If Jeromey does not agree with allowing our children the option to mask or not he should have attended the board meeting and spoke on his and his children’s behalf. He did not do this instead he wrote an article lying about why these other parents went to the board. Not only that he also tried to say that they were being disrespectful for even asking for masks to be removed. It is not disrespectful to stand up for what you believe.

Everyone knows this year has been hard on teachers, principals and schools. I think what he is forgetting is it has also been hard on parents and most of all on students. The elementary schools may have had in-person learning all year but middle and highschool did not. He only seems to mention the elementary level and tries to make it seem like schools were open all year. This is simply not true. We love our school district and we commend our teachers and staff but at some point we have to stand up for the rights of our children. This is exactly what these parents did. They stood up for their kids who have had the roughest year of their lives. The mental health effects from this year will be everlasting and we don’t want to see it continue. Plus, if you were actually there to hear the statistics and statements from the parents you would actually understand that masks are hurting our kids. They are being forced to wear germ ridden masks all day long. They are coming home with headaches and other symptoms. Not to mention, that states with schools who never had mask mandates have lower COVID cases than ones that have.

On top of this we as parents are being asked to subsidize another huge bond for our school district which we can all agree we need. It will increase our taxes yet again and with this we have every right to make our voices heard whether you like it or not. As I said, you are free to go to the board with your views and concerns as well but to write something that simply isn’t true is just wrong.

I found it very ridiculous and quite rude that you would attack parents who are looking out for the well being of their children. I think that you need to rethink what you have said and rethink writing things you know nothing about.

As I want to be truthful unlike you. I was not able to attend last nights meeting but I did get video from it and not once was a parent out of line. I also know many parents who were there and can attest to this fact. I will not represent myself in the manner in which you have. I want to be honest and accurate.”

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