Violent BLM riots still raging across USA

Nancy Pelosi announced Monday that she’s assembling a “9-11 type commission” aimed at investigating the Capitol riot on January 6th. Since former President Donald Trump was not charged during his second impeachment trial with inciting the Capitol riot, Pelosi turned to other means to smear Trump and his followers.

One person died during the Capitol riot, and that person was a Trump supporter. There has been no credible threat of conservatives attacking leftists, yet rumors abound that the troops in Washington, D.C. will remain there until Fall of 2021.

Meanwhile, BLM riots and associated Antifa riots never really stopped, nor did the violence across US cities ever stop.

According to The New York Post, “About 100 people converged on Midtown for Friday night’s ‘Defund the Police’ demonstration organized by Black Lives Matter, cops said.

“Six women and four men were charged with disorderly conduct, obstructing governmental administration, unlawful assembly and assault, an NYPD spokeswoman said. The 10 were given desk appearance tickets and released, the spokeswoman said.”

Not one person was held overnight or jailed for any considerable amount of time in New York Friday night, and that same scenario plays out not only in New York City not all across the US each night, totally ignored by the media and condoned by elected officials such as Nancy Pelosi.

Despite the fact that two police officers were injured Friday night by violent BLM rioters, the media continues to cover the riots as “peaceful,” much different than the Capitol riot reaction.

In fact, MSNBC’s Joe Scarbrough slammed conservatives this week who cried foul at the notion that the Capitol riot is more serious than BLM riots. Because the Capitol is the center of the US’s democracy, cried Scarborough, the Capitol rioters are terrorists, and they tried to overthrow democracy. Scarbrough claims that the over 20 innocent civilians who lost their lives and over 700 police officers who are injured from BLM riots is simply not as serious…because the conservatives breached the Capitol building.

BLM riots also rage on in Washington, D.C., where federal troops are still stationed until the Fall. Nightly in D.C., police officers scuffle with BLM rioters, and the media makes no mention of the ongoing fighting.

In fact, if readers search in google for BLM riots in any major US city, the only results that are available are stories and articles about the Capitol riot and Trump supporters. Almost overnight, the violent summer riots and violent D.C. riots are erased.

Portland BLM riots never stopped; each night, a dozen or so rioters are arrested and ticketed for fighting with police officers, obstructing police, or otherwise causing violence and destruction. The rioters are usually released back onto the streets to continue their course of destruction without a peep from the media.

Friday night, BLM rioters threatened police and caused police to be backed up into their headquarters, where BLM rioters stacked snow at the police vehicle bays to prevent squad cars from leaving. Not one BLM/Antifa rioter was arrested.

As Kamala Harris cried over the summer, the BLM rioters “aren’t going to stop.” And why would they? They have a free ticket to create all the chaps and violence they desire, without any recourse at all.

Twenty-five innocent people have lost their lives to BLM riots, and those people’s lives, it seems, didn’t matter. The ongoing stance on display from the media and officials such as Harris is that indeed, those lives meant nothing at all. BLM is treated as if its brand of terrorism is more noble than that of right wing extremists, and the hypocrisy is staggering.

Over time, the American Public is conditioned to believe that BLM is anti-racist, BLM is fighting for justice. It’s not; BLM is the organizational equivalent to Tay Anderson; it has nothing good or helpful to offer the public, and its methods of paid agitation, violence, and insisting racism on behalf of the public are growing tiresome and hypocritical. Any American with a shred of respect for BLM should look to the 25 innocent lives lost this year, 700 officers injured, and billions of dollars in damage to property before elevating the violent organization to hero status or even “political” status.