Video-Chinese masks contain tiny worms

It’s been suspected by many for quite some time that COVID-19 has a parasitic component. Ivermectin has proven to be an effective treatment against the current family of Coronas. Since Ivermectin is primarily used to treat parasitic worms in humans and other animal species, COVID skeptics have spent the last year attempting to uncover possibly parasitic aspects of the “pandemic.”

Within the last week, a treasure trove of videos has surfaced on social media that show tiny worms moving around in blue Chinese face masks. Hundreds of Facebook users are performing home experiments and posting videos of the wriggly worms in Chinese masks.

A few medical professionals have also conducted experiments and found black worms crawling inside Chinese masks when the masks are exposed to warm water or steam, which simulates human breath.

In fact, there aren’t any videos to disprove the black worms. There are none. On the contrary, Facebook users have been able to independently confirm the presence of such worms. However, true to state run media, resembling China, fact checkers claim that the tiny black, clearly moving worms are “microscopic textile fibers.”

No worries; tiny worms moving around in masks are simply textile fibers…it’s for your safety. Haven’t you ever seen moving fibers in factory-made goods before today?

If the tiny, moving worms were black textile fibers, it’s unlikely that Facebook would be so adamant that this is misinformation. Is Facebook alleging that hundreds of people have magic moving fibers in their Chinese masks?

The tiny worms are referred to as morgellons, and they have been found in hundreds of Chinese mask varieties as well as in PCR tests. If fact checkers assert that the moving strands are textile fibers, then why are textile fibers also found in PCR tests?

Furthermore, PCR tests with mysterious fibers have been found to leave the fibers behind on mucous membranes, unlike traditional cotton swabs. The design of current COVID-19 PCR tests seems to be aimed at leaving tiny fibers behind in the patient’s nasal tissues.

The common denominator for PCR tests and masks with morgellons is China; these strange beings haven’t been found in US made masks. Since the family of Coronas used to contrive a pandemic this year seems to be partially parasitic, the unexplained phenomenon of mask worms must not be dismissed.

A physician who was concerned about the morgellons performed an experiment with a microscope to debunk fact checkers. The worms are clearly moving independent of the textile fibers in the frame in Dr. T’s terrifying video.

Masks do not prevent the spread of any Coronas, nor do they prevent the spread of any virus. Those who wear masks are testing positive for the contrived virus at higher rates than those who go maskless, yet the US government, state and local governments, and media are peddling the CCP wares like hot cakes. Maybe they know something we don’t; or maybe, just maybe, masks and tests are being aggressively pushed on the American populace to continue a state of emergency via more nefarious business from the CCP, which made massive backdoor PPE, test, and ventilator deals with officials across the world in exchange for political favors.

Put that mask back over your nose; disregard those moving worm-like structures from China crawling across your face. It’s for your safety.