US military to soldiers: proof of vaccine needed to eat in chow halls

Fort Bragg is the first known military base to implement shaming practices for unvaccinated and unmasked soldiers. Bragg recently told its military personnel that in order to eat meals in chow halls, they must show proof of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

If paratroopers at Fort Bragg are not vaccinated, they may not use the gyms or dining halls. The Pentagon has scrambled as military personnel are not voluntarily receiving the vaccine as often as Fauci and the media had hoped. Nearly one third of US troops have rejected the vaccine. That number has triggered angry leftists who see no benefit in personal health choices being left to the person, so Rep. Jimmy Panetta, D-California and the liberal media have called for Joe Biden to make vaccines mandatory for military service members.

The problem with those woke cries of Constitution burning is that service members cannot be forced to vaccinate unless the vaccination is FDA-approved. Since the COVID-19 vaccine is not FDA-approved, it cannot be legally forced on troops just yet.

Fear not…woke pro-gene therapy advocates from across the country have figured out this conundrum; they will deny the soldiers food without proof of the shot, and if they get hungry enough, the soldiers will eventually let their superiors shoot them up with the non FDA-approved shot for a 99.97% survivable “virus.”

It’s for their safety…and now it’s also for sustenance. Coming next week: water and toilet removal without proof of vaccination. This isn’t China.