Trump forms Patriot Party?

According to many sources, including small news sites, Donald Trump field with the FEC on January 22nd to register the Patriot Party.

Patriot FEC filing

The filing reads:

FILING FEC-1489852

  1. Patriot Party
  2. Date: 01/22/2021
  3. FEC Committee ID #: C00767095

Trump teased a possible new party this week. Although there’s an existing Patriot Party, it has made no headway and isn’t associated with Trump. That said, the smaller Patriot Party has seen its online presence shoot up in recent days, so it’s interesting that Trump chose an existing name for the new party.

Since Trump has seen massive pushback against his entire perceived platform, even amongst Republicans who have distanced themselves from the former President, filling a new party allows him to create a new platform and new political alliances. The move also has the potential to split campaign fundraising and smash the party to pieces via sudden division.

A search on FEC’s database however, shows no results for Trump and patriot party, only the Republican Party. For now, this seems more like a hoax.