Travel Bans: Macron helping Shell and Microsoft with decarbonization “plan”

While climate change extremists continue to tout the , they fail to highlight the plight of humanity thrown into economic and personal crisis as the trade off. Disregarding the draconian COVID-19 restrictions that infringed upon freedoms and decline of the world and local economies, climate extremists are campaigning for the restriction of citizens, eliminating transportation, and ultimately, destroying our autonomy.

Saturday, in an unprecedented move, to reduce emissions by banning short distance flight routes that are alternately available via direct train in 2.5 hours or less. The bill could not come at a worse time for most domestic airlines which are still recovering from the negative economic impact of the pandemic. The bill negatively affects the majority of domestic airlines, who will no longer be able to fly commuters from Paris to 3 regional airports. It will impact local commerce, such as restaurants, hotels, and shops catering to commuters. Passengers will lose this crucial mode of transportation with little alternate options, as travel by car is difficult for most. In a country where the average age of a first car owner is approximately 55 years of age, the majority of citizens will have 2 options: train or stay home. Only one airline will benefit from this egregious overreach of government: Air France-KLM, who received in the arrangement, reached in 2020. The quid pro quo: Air France-KLM (one of the world’s largest airlines) will passively accept the ban. Afterall, any major opposition could hinder the progressive plan to reduce emissions by restriction of citizens.

French lawmakers have shown complete disregard for citizens and zero interest in economic recovery. They are simply paving the way for a larger goal: reducing (eventually eliminating) travel for its citizens. Sadly, to reduce emissions, regardless of the immeasurable loss to multiple sectors of their economy and travel hardships created for citizens.

This bill sets a dangerous precedent and implausible goal of decarbonizing for the global community. Other countries will begin to follow suit and restrict travel to achieve zero emissions, at the cost of its citizens.

In October 2020, and combating climate change.  The partnership merges Shell’s resources and Microsoft’s technology. While climate change is the primary concern, combining these powerhouses, it will ultimately restrict travel and reduce resources worldwide, under the guise of combating climate change. Huibert Vigeveno, director at Shell, has stated, “The ambition at both of our companies is really to help the world decarbonize, and we both realize that it’s really the decarbonization of our customers that will let us fulfill those ambitions.” Paraphrasing: you the consumer, will be decarbonized (aka restricted) to save our planet from climate change.  

France is merely with a small travel restriction to gain global acceptance. The passing of this bill ensures we will have future travel bans, lose the freedom or access to travel, simply for the sake of climate change extremists.