American Dream: Biden splurges on swimming pools, lawyers, and transportation for illegal immigrants

Do you have a swimming pool in your backyard? It’s the American dream, but only about own a pool or spa. No worries…hop on over to Mexico, and come back to the US as an illegal immigrant. Doing so could just land you in a suitable hotel with your own kitchenette, gym, and swimming pool…maybe even a hot tub for a long soak after swimming the Rio Grande and staving off ICE agents.

Biden spent $86 million on hotel rooms for illegal immigrants after his failed led to an unmanageable surge in border crossings since his inauguration.

The hotels ICE assumed control over and which will be used to house illegal immigrants are:

  • , which boasts an outdoor pool and hot tub, cocktail lounge, business center, and gym.
  • , in the heart of downtown with spacious rooms.
  • , which features a really nice outdoor pool, fire pit, gym, and business center.
  • , with an indoor pool and hot tub and large rooms, some with jacuzzis.
  • , with living rooms and kitchenettes.
  • , featuring living rooms and kitchenettes.
  • , with a fitness center, outdoor pool, and hot tub.

What could possibly go wrong with giving thousands of undocumented aliens large hotel rooms with televisions, balconies, valuable amenities, and WiFi, within massive cities?

will also be given access to medical care, mental health resources, and transportation to and from airports and other such facilities. They will also be granted free legal assistance, a luxury most Americans can only imagine.

Sexual assaults are occurring at the border at alarming rates, with parents placing their young girls in harms’ way to get into America, gang member was arrested Wednesday attempting to cross the border. It’s said for every one caught crossing the border, one hundred more went undetected.

By now, Americans are well aware of the horror stories of rape, young children thrown over walls, torture, drug and human trafficking…the list goes on. If voters aren’t concerned with an economy in shambles while the Biden Harris administration splurges on swimming pools for illegal immigrants, then consider this:

Americans were homeless in 2019. In 2021, we have no idea how many people are without access to shelter, food, water, mental and physical healthcare. Social scholars believe the numbers are truly out of date because they rely on self reporting. Additionally, thousands more Americans became homeless and resource-less during unnecessary lockdowns of 2020 and 2021.

that 40,000 veterans were homeless, another out of date statistic. Americans who gave the ultimate sacrifice now live without their most basic needs met. Those veterans, along with the rest of the American homeless, only dream of kitchenettes, let alone carpeted floors.

In 2019, experienced hunger, a number that skyrocketed in 2021 as rely on school lunches while experiencing hunger, school lunches which were missed during unnecessary school lockdowns. For those millions of American adults and children, three meals per day, provided to migrants, is also only a dream.

The Biden Harris administration will not admit that the border is a crisis; Harris is tasked with “fixing” the situation and hasn’t visited the border since Biden appointed her the position fifteen days ago.

Thus far, the hotels seized by ice will house less than 1% of the illegal immigrants who have crossed the border since Biden was elected. The surge of migrants continues because for millions of impoverished immigrants, the American dream, complete with kitchenettes, swimming pools, WiFi, mental and physical healthcare, food, and transportation is a reality.

The Biden Harris administration is making reality palpable for people who are desperate for a new life while completely ignoring the fact that Americans’ dreams are insulted in the process. It remains to be seen how long poor, homeless, rural, hungry Americans tolerate this border crisis, or border assault.

, which is why overall crime rates will likely increase as lockdowns ebb and Americans don’t see an immediate economic rebound due to permanent shutdowns and impending foreclosures and evictions. As the influx of immigrants continues, the American dream may become a nightmare.

  • Border crimes will continue to skyrocket as sex traffickers, drug runners, and gangs flourish and cross the border.
  • Border facilities, already overwhelmed, will continue to expand into hotels, malls, and other empty buildings.
  • Exponentially more resources will be spent feeding, counseling, placing, and housing the hundreds of thousands of immigrants pouring over. At this rate, millions will make it through by Christmas.
  • Meanwhile, Americans continue to experience economic and mental health hardships as a result of lockdowns and prior circumstances.

This week, a sent teachers to teach migrants in an ICE facility; meanwhile, local kids are still remote learning “due to COVID-19.” These migrant children will eventually be funneled into the local public schools.

These migrants are landing everywhere; Chandler, Arizona is a quiet suburb of Arizona, which will accept migrant families by the end of April. in Colorado Springs is surveyed as a possible site for migrant children. Where do Coloradoans believe these kids will eventually go if not reunited with US families?

The Biden Harris administration is destroying the nation with this border assault, and the results could be catastrophic if it stays the course. Surely, Americans won’t tolerate for too long their dreams slashed as illegal immigrants are given access to a wealth of resources, and border crimes surge to unconscionable levels.