Team Tay Tay running for House seat in 2022?

Tay Anderson has tweeted up a storm this week, as usual, mostly about racism and social justice, but also he seems to indicate that a major announcement is on the way.

From Colorado Peak Politics

Tay is rumored to be launching a bid against Dianna DeGette for her House District 1 seat. DeGette has held her State Representative seat since 1997; a Democratic primary challenger with no experience and the reputation of a formal agitator likely won’t get Tay the votes he needs to unseat DeGette.

However, Anderson has more than a bad reputation and little to no experience up his sleeve; he’s got the BLM endorsement, as well as the funds of such a massive organization at his side. Anderson would likely also be aided by ActBlue, a far left fundraising powerhouse.

Curiously, Anderson has already launched his Denver School board run for 2023 and is actively spending funds and taking in contributions. If he plans to run for Colorado’s House of Representatives in 2022, he should not be actively accepting funds for his school board campaign in 2023. He definitely shouldn’t spend funds from donors on his school board campaign if he has no intention of seeing through said campaign.

In early February, Anderson flipped out on hospital staff who didn’t move quickly enough for him, alleging racism is why he couldn’t obtain medical answers quickly enough regarding his mother’s status.

In January, Tay used his political knowledge and time to throw an Impeach Trump parking lot soirée in Denver. If there’s one thing Tay is good at, its agitation and protests/riots.

Throughout the summer, as Tay argued that teachers shouldn’t go back to school and Trump rallies were super-spreaders, he threw multiple protests. He even threw himself a birthday party in July.

Tay’s July birthday party

Later in July, Anderson fought with police when he was obstructing their official business at a homeless camp sweep. In the video-captured shuffle, he fell to the ground and claimed he sustained a “traumatic brain injury” and would sue the Denver Police Department. There are no suits against DPD by Anderson as of this writing. True to form, hours after he was released from the emergency room, Anderson held a press conference where he proclaimed, “Don’t fuck with director Tay Anderson.”

He later added that to his list of stories about why the police are bad and should be defunded and continued to spar with Police Chief Paul Pazen and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock throughout 2020 and 2021.

In November, the Anderson drama continued with Tay “collapsing” inside a Denver Target from chest pain. Just like his “traumatic brain injury,” that medical drama self-resolved as well, but not after dozens of media articles were written about Tay’s “trauma.”

Anderson has done nothing positive as a school board Secretary (he calls himself director), but his popularity in Denver, coupled with the tens of thousands of dollars he could raise through left leaning organizations and dark money PAC’s may be enough to give DeGette a run for her money.

While Denver Public Schools has remained mum on the subject of its BLM agitator’s shameful and often terroristic behavior, the Colorado House of Representatives may not be as forgiving. State representatives are expected to make laws, not fight with police officers, and keep their personal dramas off the House floor. A silver lining to an Anderson House District 1 seat would be that he would finally have to behave like an adult, elected official rather than a seventeen year-old rioter.

Furthermore, political insiders suspect that Anderson’s inability to enact change or create meaningful policy solutions, drowned in drama and agitator-type protests, would be put to the ultimate test if he successfully took DeGette’s seat. Team Tay Tay barely has any history or legal knowledge; in fact, this site had to explain the Missouri Compromise to Tay in July.

Additionally, a State House run would expose Tay’s political guffaws, police fights, and campaign funding sources to further scrutiny, which he doesn’t seem able to handle. A large question surrounding Anderson since he entered the political arena is how he affords to live: DPS doesn’t pay the school board, and Anderson lists no occupations anywhere on paper. That simple fact leaves many insiders questioning the source of Anderson’s funds for things like his trip to Washington, D.C. in October to protest the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett. He has utilized crowdsourcing at times.

While it’s not necessarily the public’s business how Anderson earns his money, that question and others will intensify if he runs for State House, and he seems unable to handle the heat at times. If Tay holds employment, voters would rather hear that he has an actual job than that the source of his funds is dark money.

His entire political career can be summed up by Wikipedia’s one paragraph, which reads like a protest event calendar.

Anderson’s entire political career, per Wikipedia

Anderson’s ultimate failure could lie in taking on such a big job, which he’s incapable of doing…causing a sooner end to Tay’s political run than most expected.