Tay Anderson’s male lover allegedly forced a young girl into sex acts with Tay via loaded gun to the head

Tay Anderson is the sketchiest elected official in Denver, which readers already knew. However, the depth of his corruption is just now coming to light as multiple sexual assaults, some against minors, come to light. New allegations against Tay have surfaced, allegations that paint a dark cloud over Anderson, his male lover Hashim Coates, and sex acts with minors committed by the two men, with Coates sometimes using a gun as incentive for young girls to perform sexual acts on older males.

From a 2016 recount of a sexual incident between Tay Anderson, a fourteen year-old girl, and several other , including Hashim Coates:

“”I was 14 in 2016 when Hashim put a gun to me at a party and forced me to suck someone’s d*ck. I was too scared to do anything and was only 14 years old, so who was going to believe me? Tay [Anderson] and several other high schoolers were all there. I remember I felt like I had to suck Tay’s dick too, even though no weapons were pointed at me, it felt like an obligation to me, so I did. He was probably 17 or 18 at the time. [Tay] made me swallow. That night I probably had some form of sex with six or seven of the men present, and Hashim always had his gun, so I felt that I had to do everyone there.’”

Coates was sentenced to probation for a shooting involving prostitutes in 2017, and during that sentence he also was ordered to attend human trafficking classes.

Coates is a longtime Democratic activist who worked on Andrew Romanoff’s campaign. He also and briefly toyed with a city council run, which was ultimately scrapped. Tay Anderson looks at Hashim Coates, a prostitute-obsessed, violent, gun-toting, child rapist, as his hero.

From :

“‘Hashim Coates, who helped with Anderson’s campaign, says he, too, was pulled into school board politics because of Anderson. ‘I’d say as a metaphor, Tay is to the school board race as seasoned salt is to chicken,’ he says, laughing. ‘It brings attention to it. It makes people want to get involved.’”

No one, not one person in leadership at DPS or the media, has taken any issue with the fact that Coates is not only involved with Tay Anderson’s campaign but has appeared at school functions and in school grounds with Tay? Black liberal privilege is a remarkable quality; shoot prostitutes, have sex with minors while brandishing a firearm, fight with police who are carrying out official business, call all Republicans racists…it’s a good year to be a black agitator in Colorado because no one is going to stop such people, no matter what. Doing so would be construed as inherently racist.

What a time to be alive; 2021…the year we are all supposed to wear masks that don’t stop the spread of a 99.7% survivable family of viruses. When we don’t wear the masks, and when we want our kids to go back to school, we’re “racist,” but Denver’s elected criminal is free to force young girls into sex acts while keeping an armed sex trafficker as a lover, inviting him into public schools, and calling all white people racist. Woke.

After we published this article, multiple rumors came to light claiming that Anderson had inappropriate relationships with DPS students while serving as school board director. If this happened to you or you have any information, please contact us.