Tay Anderson uses paid website write-up by his friend to issue a self-vindicating statement

Tay Anderson issued a statement late Tuesday night, attempting to discredit the mounting allegations against him via his friend’s website to create the illusion that the allegations against him, ranging from rape to inappropriate texts, are all a lie contrived out of racism.

The hit piece on the people who have stood up for the alleged victims is co-authored by Shavonne Blades and .

Jonathon De La Vaca, the editor of yellowscene, supports Antifa and BLM. He issued a statement Wednesday afternoon indicating that as editor, he did not have access to the piece before it was published. Additionally, Duran points out that BLM5280 did not recant the victim’s statement as Mona Cedillo alleges. By Wednesday morning, though, Cedillo had already revised the article to indicate Duran’s claims.

On June 10th, former student GiGi Gordon at Denver City Hall for former and current students who have been effected by Tay Anderson or the allegations against him. Mona Cedillo attended and stopped the protest halfway through to yell at the students present.

GiGi Gordon courageously began talking at Thursday’s protest on the steps of City Hall shortly after 4:00 pm on June 10th. After Gordon and a few of the students spoke , Mona Cedillo stepped towards City Hall stairs and began asking the group of girls, “do we have any survivors or parents present?” When Ella, a DPS student, asked, “Can I just say something?” Cedillo became visibly hostile and began launching attacks on the protest and the organizers.

“I know a lot of people, and I reached out to them and said, ‘did any of these kids reach out to you?’ And they all said ‘no’…” Cedillo bemoaned, as if to dismiss any allegations against Tay Anderson. As Cedillo and several protest attendees yelled at each other, a “parasol” security guard in black bloc stood between Cedillo and the girls, at one point even blocking Cedillo from screaming at conservative protestors in the crowd…probably a first for both parties and a truly worthwhile occasion, abused children, to set political differences aside.

Gordon was able to deflect the situation, and the protest continued. “It doesn’t matter if it’s allegations or not. It matters that kids want to feel safe every single day when they’re going to school to get a diploma,” said Gordon after the situation simmered down. She spoke at length about how intimidating the DPS booth at the protest was for not only her but for survivors.

Coates says about GiGi Gordon, “She is much, much more dangerous. She is a while girl who masters crocodile tears to manipulate others, and there will be the wreckage of many, mostly male, lives in her wake.” Cedillo goes on to say, “not just males. Any females who reach out and try to befriend, follow help her.”

I Got it, female students? In other words, white people cannot make accusations against males, according to the somewhat off kilter far leftist ideology on display in the Tay Anderson saga. Also, if you are a female student, and you befriend GiGi Gordon, according to the woman who interrupted children speaking on Thursday, you are the problem. And therein lies the actual problem…adults preemptively shaming kids for even associating with a student who is advocating for Anderson’s alleged victims.

Cedillo and Anderson’s close friend Hashim Coates used the week after the protest to .”

Cedillo took her fight a step further with her Tuesday article and attempted to discredit any allegations against Anderson. The claims laid out in Cedillo’s article have several factual errors.

First, Mary Katherine Brooks Fleming was part of the Blue Bench Board. The Fleming Family trust purchased five blue benches for the Denver area. Brooks Fleming served on Blue Bench from May of 2019 until April of 2021, at which point she resigned due to the “performative actions” by Blue Bench in regards to the Tay Anderson scandal.

More importantly, Cedillo claims that not only did the original, first victim (from BLM5280) recant her story, but that Brooks Fleming was probably behind that victim and her allegations. But Brooks Fleming clearly had nothing to do with the 5280 allegations; she was informed of the victim’s story shortly before it was made public, as evidenced by her . The BLM5280 victim never came to Brooks Fleming.

The article by Cedillo also claims that Brooks Fleming’s working with Anderson via Wall of Moms and other left wing organizations after hearing the allegations against him proves that Brooks Fleming somehow believes the allegations are invalid. On the contrary, as we previously reported, as Brooks Fleming explained during her public testimony for SB21-088, Anderson’s power as an elected Democrat is astounding and at times insurmountable. Brooks Fleming continued to work with Anderson because she was asked to do so but also because she herself continued to hope that as a 22 year-old, Anderson perhaps didn’t understand the gravity of his actions. As the allegations continued to mount over the summer and fall of 2020, Brooks Fleming realized that wasn’t the case.

Rather, Anderson’s pattern of behavior indicates that the allegations, stemming back to 2017, could in no way be a right wing conspiracy to frame an innocent black democrat.

Kyle Clark, one of Anderson’s closest allies, tweeted Cedillo’s write-up as fact; Clark forgot to mention that Cedillo herself was present at the protest in an intimidating fashion. Clark has done no research into the allegations and simply defends Anderson on the basis that they both spread socialist ideas across Denver and Colorado. Clark is not necessarily a journalist but a great advertiser for left-wing propaganda.

Clark and Cedillo aren’t really to blame in this scenario; Tay Anderson’s repeated refusals to actually address the allegations against him and stop claiming that he has “no idea” he could’ve assaulted over sixty students, put leftists and leftist media personalities in the uncomfortable position of having to defend their prized black democrat in order to save face for the entire BLM movement.

Since Anderson himself has advocated for restorative justice and defunding the police, these allegations must be explained away by his supporters, some of whom may have pure intentions. Regardless, Anderson has not behaved purely towards his students. Even if Cedillo and Kyle Clark set aside the rape and assault allegations against Anderson, neither he nor his attorney have explained away , which give a rare glimpse into his totally inappropriate relationships with minors.

Kyle Clark might also not appreciate the information the Colorado Herald will be dropping this week.

Stay tuned, Kyle.

7/13: added statement: Yellowscene reached out to Colorado Herald and would like to clarify that the page is NOT paid. Additionally, Yellow Scene states that its editor was made aware of the article and refused to assist.

~Irma Rovva