Tay Anderson supports underage drag shows, spends funds suspiciously, sexually assaults minors?

If “believe all women,” a crucial tenant of the #metoo movement is to be respected, then Tay Anderson is not only a sexual predator but a child sexual predator. Tay has now, as of this morning, been accused by multiple women of using his position as School Board Director to persuade them into sexual acts. He’s also been accused of unwanted sexual acts with minors in an unsurprising turn of events.

Lala Shearz, right, and her drag daughter Salt Queen Shearz, 7, perform during the show. (Helen H. Richardson, The Denver Post)

From Denver Post:

“Three former members of Never Again Colorado, a youth organization for gun reform that planned the 2018 March for Our Lives in Denver, told the Denver Post they witnessed sexual misconduct on the part of Anderson.”

“Madison Rose, who was the group’s vice president, said Anderson used his position as president to pressure women who were on the board or wanted to become involved into sleeping with him. Because Rose was a female leader, the young women confided in her when Anderson made them uncomfortable, though they asked she not bring the issues up to him or police, Rose said.”

“Rose said the complaints ranged from unwanted compliments and touching to unwelcome sexual advances. One woman was “bullied off” the Never Again Colorado board after she rebuffed Anderson’s advances, Rose said.”

“In July of 2018, six board members wrote a letter to Anderson expressing concerns about his use of Never Again Colorado funds for purposes unrelated to the group’s mission. The board threatened legal action against Anderson over the spending and urged him to resign and focus on his run for school board.”

“‘We would also remind you that in the wake of the Me Too movement, voters also really care about how you treat and value women. Several board members, both past and present, as well as other young women from other organizations have come forward and have expressed concerns about sexual harassment,’ the board wrote.”

“Anderson said Saturday all of the allegations are false.”

If “#metoo” is to be believed, though, then the public owes it to the victims, especially underage ones, to get to the bottom of these allegations. Anderson apparently believes that as Denver’s chosen agitator, we are to look past multiple allegations, many from minor children, of his sexual aggressions. .

Ironically, Q-Anon supporters have long believed that Hillary Clinton and the Clinton family are implicated in such sagas as the Pizzagate conspiracy theory, which targets young children. Clinton speaks highly of Anderson and his work as a DPS instigator. She hasn’t commented on the latest allegations against Anderson.

In fact, none of Anderson’s top supporters have commented, including Rep Steven Woodrow, Rep Leslie Herrod, Councilwoman CdeBaca, or Tay’s fellow Denver Antifa agents like Iris Butler and the underground crews of people who support him.

Tay Anderson and Parasol Patrol

Parasol Patrol is an organization that shields kids who perform in drag with rainbow umbrellas from protestors. While Parasol Patrol lauds itself as “wholesome” and needed to assist Denver’s youth in expressing themselves, the organization’s blatant sexualization and exploitation of minor children performing in drag is readily apparent. However, the media continues to paint protestors of underage drag and those who don’t support the movement as white supremacists.

Time Bomb, 16, gets ready backstage before the Drag From All Ages at Mile High Comics on Jan. 26 in Denver. (Helen H. Richardson, The Denver Post)

When an adult in a position of power advocates for your child to behave in sexually charged ways, straight, gay, or somewhere in between, that adult may just have ulterior motives other than helping your child. In fact, if motive is removed completely, at the heart of the Drag for kids and transgender pronouns and coed bathrooms in school movement is the simple act of sexually charging your child for the satisfaction of adults, which is the basic definition of grooming.

To be fair, pageants of cis nature are often sexualizing and have been accused of preying on young girls for decades. The Colorado case of Jon Benet Ramsey is a case of straight-natured sexualization of children leading to murder. This isn’t something new to the drag lifestyle alone; the sexualization of children in Hollywood and in pageantry and some churches occurs across sexualities.

If #metoo is to be believed, born out of feminist, anti-patriarchal, anti-cis, pro woman, pro black woman-natured movements, then Tay Anderson is guilty of sexual grooming at best, and he’s guilty of sexual harassment or assault against children in a worst case scenario. This is the man Denver parents elected to ensure the viability of their children’s educational experiences, and he has spent the last two years propagating sexuality in children while arguing that kids shouldn’t go back to school during a contrived pandemic and fighting with police.

Sunday afternoon, Anderson held a press conference because someone advised him that was a good idea, and Tay loves press. The conference was not a good idea, as reflected in the hundreds of live comments. Tay cried for himself and his “safety” and deflected the situation by claiming that DPD investigated credible death threats against him last week…as if that “fact” undoes what Tay is accused of doing. He said he “should not have to be scared” and painted himself as the victim, the only path Tay knows in life.

DPS and the city of Denver have an obligation to answer these questions once and for all and to determine the scope of Anderson’s possible predatory nature and corresponding viability as a father to an innocent child.

All of the above could mean literally nothing. It’s based on the assumptions of #metoo and #believeallwomen, which are inherently dangerous. Tay Anderson could be a child predator unworthy of adopting a child, OR those movements could be based on assumptions and way too broad for actual usage in real life.

Are we to believe that Joe Biden, Andrew Cuomo, and Tay Anderson are all victims of lies, or are we to believe that women never lie about such things as rape and sexual assault?

Anderson is outraged at the inherent injustice in which he faces via BLM 5280’s approach to the alleged crimes. He wants an investigation, as does his mother. He wants to know facts rather than be subjected to the opinions of others. But in an ironic twist of fate, that’s exactly what he’s argued for all along…restorative justice, defund the police.

The organization and system he’s argued for have already labeled him as a sex offender, and he’s called for actions against those who commit such acts…when they’re white people. Now what? Now he wants the police whom he’s fought all year to come to his rescue and prove his innocence, using a system he’s argued against.

Are victims who declare themselves victims truly always the victim? Does being the first person in a given scenario to declare victimhood always equate to true victimhood? Have the laws we have progressively enacted to “help victims” always helped the true victims?

It’s a predicament for everyone involved.