Tay Anderson smears dissenting DPS parent’s BLM beliefs as white supremacy

Tay Anderson is the shadiest elected official in the entire state of Colorado; voters have been well aware of that fact for over a year. Whether he’s fighting the police and then trying to sue them or accepting large gifts from constituents while never disclosing a source of income, Tay is the epitome of Blue Anon know-nothingness. He was elected because of his ability to stir anger in his victim-politics-loving constituents of Denver, and anger is the base for all critical race theory and left-funded antics this year.

But everyday that Tay is in office, it becomes more apparent how little he knows about holding public office.

Tay represents the entire premise of the left and critical race theory; his opinion that BLM is noble and just is the right one, and anything else is plain old white supremacy. When Michelle Castro, a DPS parent, voiced her concerns about BLM, Tay appeared condescending and rude. He later posted a screen shot of his own mug, proving exactly how rude he behaved during the reading of a dissenting opinion.

Castro’s remarks weren’t bigoted, and DPS continues to allow its Marxist, Soros-funded agitator to belittle opinions that don’t match his own. Castro states that she doesn’t agree with BLM the organization; she never said that “black lives don’t matter.” However, Anderson has painted her as a white supremacist to all of his followers, who cheer on Tay’s bullying while serving as an elected official.

Tay also indicated that DPS believes in the BLM theory in a later Facebook post. Somehow, he also thinks masks are relevant. To most leftists, masks have become a symbol of government compliance and woke-ism. Despite the nearly identical trajectory of “Coronaviruses” in masked versus non masked states, agitators like Tay use masks as a means to paint non-mask wearers/conservatives as Grandma killers and white supremacists.

Mask vs no mask states…for Mr. Anderson’s consideration

Tay, like his agitator counterparts, has never explained why Florida has one of the best economies in the US today, and masks never made a bit of difference. It’s almost as if, at this point, people like Tay know that they’re participating in political theater but do so anyways because the media supports it. And so does Denver Public Schools.

By allowing Tay’s thuggish behavior and bullying of dissenting DPS parents to continue, DPS is saying to the student body’s parents that only opinions indicating BLM is noble and just, despite injuring 800 police officers and killing 20 civilians, will be tolerated.

White parents do not matter

DPS and Anderson skipped over the violence of BLM as well as the corruption that has plagued the organization, including the recent arrest of one of BLM’s top activists for spending donations on drugs, guns, and prostitutes. BLM raised over 90 million dollars last year, and the organization says that 30 million went to local organizations (like bail funds to bail out rioters). That’s hard to prove, and the other 60 million dollars is unaccounted for but allegedly in BLM’s bank account…not being spent on hookers.

The only thing Anderson is good at…posting inflammatory pictures.

If you don’t support the organization that has wounded 800 police officers, killed 20 civilians, caused billions of dollars in looting damage, and spent the public’s hard earned money on drugs and sex workers, then you’re a white supremacist…according to Tay Anderson.

Today alone, Tay has blocked all dissenting parents from his social media accounts, which he can be sued for via prior case law, as in the Lauren Boebert case. Anderson cannot legally block his constituents; doing so is a clear violation of the First Amendment.

Michelle Castro is owed an apology by Tay Anderson, but she won’t ever get one. Anderson is calling on his vast social media network to basically doxx and humiliate her for disagreeing with BLM’s terrorist principles.

Tay Tay can do not wrong. It’s worth asking what the media response and outrage might be if a black person were speaking and was completely mocked by a white elected official. Riots would ensue, thanks to the Marxist terrorist organization that Anderson refuses to accept as such.