Tay Anderson slams guns and white people as white people wake-up relieved Boulder shooter wasn’t white

Tay Anderson and DPS joined in on the anti-firearms rights spewed across social media since the Boulder shooting on Monday. Of course, to force their opinions on others. White supremacy is not a problem in America, but the leftists like Anderson have set out to find it, anyways.

Apparently, no one told Anderson and his socialist DPS team that their feelings and opinions don’t affect the Constitution, and no one told Anderson that the shooter was not white.

True to form, Tay was already on the racism bandwagon as of last night; he had pegged the shooting as perpetrated by a white male and seemed ecstatic about that premise. By this morning, the shooter was announced to be 21 year-old Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, . And thank God for that; otherwise, social justice riots are likely to erupt tonight.

When the left feels like minorities are oppressed by the proverbial “white male,” all hell breaks loose. The left, like Tay Anderson, neglects hate crimes by minorities and frames every murder by a white man as white supremacy in its quest to destroy the nation.

Alissa’s country of origin hasn’t been determined yet, but headlines claim he clearly wasn’t from the US. The media will likely gloss over that point as long as possible, as this shooting doesn’t fit the white supremacy narrative that the left loves so much, even claiming that the Asian massage murders were white supremacy when they clearly .

As white people woke up this morning, they breathed a collective sigh of relief that the shooter wasn’t a Colorado-born white male. While the assault on 2A rights will continue to flourish in the Boulder shooting’s aftermath, at least race riots and social media witch hunts for white people are at bay for today.

Since leftists are pushing the eradication of guns, namely assault rifles, “for your safety,” it remains to be seen if they’ll push a ban on immigration…for your safety. After all, if Alissi hadn’t immigrated here, ten people would still be alive today. Isn’t that how this works?