Tay Anderson, Moms Demand Action launch anti-gun propaganda vigils

Leftists never miss a good tragedy to politicize their viewpoints, and a mass shooting is no exception.

Moms Demand Action has organized a vigil for Boulder victims on Thursday night, though the vigil is headlined by an anti-gun group, Moms Demand Action. Of course, Tay Anderson has joined the event and is spouting his anti Second Amendment beliefs all over social media this week.

True to the fear-mongering readers should expect from both Anderson and Moms Demand Action, the event asks for people to wear double masks. It’s safe enough to leave your home, join a political cause, and go rallying in downtown Denver. But please wear two masks to allegedly stop a few droplets of the 99.8% survivable family of viruses from spreading.

If the organizers of the event truly wish to create a vigil for lives lost during the shooting, then they should have left their names off of the headlines. The vigils are political virtue signaling, plain and simple.