Tay Anderson flips out on “racist” Denver Health staff

According to Tay Anderson, everyone is racist. This week, Tay claims Denver Health is racist because he experienced lengthy wait times in attempting to obtain his mother’s medical status from Denver Health, a frustrating facet of life for many people worldwide, not just Tay Anderson, and not just black people.

Anderson claims that the staff insinuated he could be a gang member because he’s black, and he alleges that there were four police officers present, which the hospital . According to the facility’s statement, one security guard was present during the altercation.

Anderson later claimed that the hospital said they’d make it right and “this should never happen again,” but . He also claimed that DPS security protected him regularly, due to ongoing death threats. That was a lie, as DPS refuted providing security and having any knowledge of death threats against Anderson.

Anderson incited BLM to join in on the Denver Health racism train this week, and the organization released a statement regarding Tay’s hospital experience. BLM didn’t bother to check the statistics on average hospital wait times or look into possible explanations for the delay. The group assumed racism and released a statement, inciting more BLM followers to jump on the racism train and “defund the police” because Tay fights with what seems like every officer he encounters.

BLM’s statement

Tay has accomplished little in the way of education; he’s advocated for free lunch and free tampons, as well as transgender bathrooms. He serves a social purpose for those who feel that social issues should be at the top of educational politics’ list of priorities. But Anderson serves no true purpose educationally speaking; he’s a paid agitator hired to incense more black people and those of other races who believe in guilt politics, into believing that racism is to blame for every one of life’s everyday problems like long hospital wait times for information.

Racism wasn’t the problem in this scenario with Tay; the problem is Tay’s inability to see life through the eyes of anyone but a consummate victim, the eyes of a belittled and beleaguered black man who was picked on for his haircut or his clothing growing up. Tay fails to see that people of all races are often picked on as children or left frustrated and waiting for information as adults…but those who aren’t paid agitators looking for one more media stunt to “defund the police” recognize life’s stressors as just that, rather than racism.