Tay Anderson: everyone gets free tampons…men, too!

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Tay Anderson, a huge believer of “period poverty,” posted today on his Facebook account that free menstrual products are on the way for Denver Public School students.

Period poverty is a term largely used in developing nations to describe women and girls who menstruate, can’t afford menstrual products, and are consequently left out of activities, unable to eat, and subject to shame. The term typically doesn’t describe American girls, but it’s become more commonly used with the influx of socialized medicine and a more socialist economy.

Tay was careful to post that “students” will have access to these products for free, not using the words “woman” or “girl,” which quickly garnered praise from his constituents.

One commenter noted that not just women menstruate, a claim quickly debunked by science.

Always, a Proctor & Gamble brand, removed the Venus logo from their menstrual product packaging last year after menstruating men across Twitter said it made them feel “dysphoric.”

Menstrual products are the latest in a series of seemingly benign products that have been weaponized, turned into “trigger” talking points for the left.

The US government has never provided Tylenol or eye drops to Americans, and period poverty is virtue signaling for socialized medicine and redistributed wealth. Those who need tampons should go purchase them, and those unable to do so could make other adjustments in life in order to be able to afford menstrual products. American women and girls have paid for menstrual products, like diapers, for two hundred years. It’s a concept often referred to as “personal responsibility.”

While entire websites and blogs are dedicated to “period power” for men, the goals are questionable. Only 0.6% of the US population is transgender. A little over half of those individuals are women, so about 0.35%-0.4% of the US population accounts for trans individuals who menstruate. Readers are likely to assume the figure is much higher since so much attention is placed on such individuals.

Given that the percentage of trans women is so low in this country, menstruating males don’t seem like a pressing issue. Period poverty is a concept brought over from third world counties, and it’s a step towards socialism and socialist medicine. Americans are expected pay for their goods and services.

Denver Public Schools kids may not have actual school, and some of their school grounds may be covered in actual tents. DPS is losing millions of dollars this year, and it’s become a spectacle in the state…

Tay Anderson is focused on trivial matters like tampons.

The Colorado Herald