Sydney Powell bows to Dominion, believes Trump supporters are stupid

A major player in Stop the Steal has now succumbed to Dominion Voting Systems. In a cowardly twist of events, and an effort to save herself from a 1.3B lawsuit, Powell’s lawyers told a federal court “no reasonable person” would believe her claims of fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Lawyers for Sidney Powell told a federal court on Monday that “no reasonable person” would conclude her unfounded claims of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election were factual statements.

Powell capitalized on a much substantiated fear of voter fraud, when it was most convenient, and is not only backtracking but insulting Trump supporters. Why file multiple voter fraud lawsuits, if “voter fraud conspiracies” are unreasonable? At least 61 lawsuits were filed between Powell and Rudy Giuliani in various US courts concerning the voter fraud claims, all of which were ultimately tossed out. However, dismissed lawsuits did not stop the mounting cult of apparently “unreasonable people,” who truly believe fraudulent activity swayed the 2020 presidential election outcome, and had hoped Powell would not be added to a mounting list of fairweather treasonous cowards.

Powell consistently encouraged and fueled the ongoing claims, until it became inconvenient for her. She now claims Trump Supporters are conspiracy theorists and lack critical thinking skills.

For filing claims that she now believes were without merit, Powell should be indicted and disbarred.