Rochester, New York riots rage through Tuesday night

In Rochester Tuesday, a grand jury declined to pursue charges against police officers in the killing of Daniel Prude.

Prude, a 41 year-old black male, was killed last March in Rochester by police when he was high on PCP and restrained by officers. The initial cause of death was determined to be a drug overdose until body cam footage was released.

Body cam coverage released in September shows officers holding Prude’s face, covered in a spit cloth, to the ground for two minutes while one officer presses his knee on Prude’s back, a technique called “segmenting.”

The release of the body cam footage incited months of rioting in Rochester, calling for officers to face criminal charges. Attorney General Leticia James said that her office brought as much evidence as possible to the Grand Jury but wasn’t able to persuade the jury that the officers acted illegally.

“Protests” in Rochester began immediately after the Grand Jury announcement because that’s what people do in 2021 when bills, laws, and legal decisions don’t go a certain way…they take to the streets.


True to form, most media stations were supportive of the demonstrations. For several hours, BLM and Antifa barricaded the Rochester police station…that’s okay; BLM can do what it wants.

Last night’s riots continued for about five to six hours, and activities died down at around midnight. By morning, police were installing a higher fence around the police station and other city buildings in preparation for tonight’s riots.

2021: we don’t like this, so we are going to loot, burn, and destroy property.