Republicans need better social media

TikTok brings up how many views each candidate gets for the runoffs. For candidate views, at time of runoff race poll closing, more than **16.2 million are for Ossoff, who’s run a massive TikTok campaign, 9.1 million for Warnock, 3.3 million for Loeffler, and 1.8 million for Perdue.

Republicans barely ran a runoff campaign on TikTok, as evidenced by the ((fifteen million)) views discrepancy. When asked, most younger people say they prefer to use TikTok over ANY platform, including for their news.

The left far outpaced the right on all major social media platforms and did so by landslides in the 2020 elections, integrating social media into door and phone campaigns as well.

Ossoff is just one candidate who’s run an impressive campaign, with other social media directives spending millions in various states. The Harris/Biden campaign also spent heavily in social media endeavors.

But Ossoff is one the first major candidates to create and maintain an engaging TikTok, often garnering millions of hits per video, over 17M total, which could have made a difference in such a close election.

Social media conservatives have screamed, now about the Georgia runoffs, “they cheated.” Maybe they just worked harder.

Defeat by Tweet, another liberal fundraising tool, utilized Trump’s tweets to engage younger voters in real time and encourage donations when Trump tweeted his more infamous bits.

Bathe Biden campaign outspent the Trump campaign in all areas of social media. Biden spent over $20M more than Trump on Facebook ads by the time the election concluded.

One in five Americans get all of his news from social media; most Americans get some of their news from social media. The Republican Party, if it has any hope at all, must, at a minimum, step up social media presence, and not just campaigns, but events, upcoming legislation, and engaging content.

This is no longer an option; it’s a basic requirement. Notably, as of this writing, the El Paso County Republican Party, the state’s stronghold, is still missing on social media.