Rep Pramila Jayapal blames GOP anti-maskers for C19 but didn’t wear a mask Jan 6th

Rep Pramila Jayapal , Washington, allegedly texted positive for COVID-19 after hunkering down with GOP lawmakers during the Capitol riots January 6th. It’s odd that COVID-19 caused no symptoms in the Democratic Rep’s who now cry foul, and it’s also interesting that so many tests are turning up positive these days.

Regardless, Jayapal figured she’d utilize the mainstream media to fulfill her cancel culture directives by claiming the GOP officials without masks risked her life, risked others’ lives, and gave her the dreaded virus.

Apparently, no one told Jayapal that the PCR tests show positives even for people who didn’t actively have the virus, the virus with a 99.98% survival rate.

But if Jayapal was so afraid of COVID-19, why wasn’t she wearing a mask during the January 6th session? Perhaps she was between bites of food…

Updated 21:00 MST: Jayapal says that her mask was off because she was putting on a gas mask. However, if she had worn a gas mask, she couldn’t have contracted COVID. Actually, if she wore a regular mask while sheltering, she couldn’t have caught COVID. Can someone take a good look at those tests? What brand are they? Who’s administering them? Something doesn’t add up if Jayapal’s assertion is that she caught COVID-19 while wearing a mask around others who weren’t for such a short period of time.