Progressive left rejects terrorism as Islamic extremist’s Capitol police murderer’s motive

The knife-wielding killer who murdered a police officer with his car and was shot and killed by responding officers was Noah Green, an Islamic extremist.

Green clearly sympathized with Islamic extremism and held clearly terroristic beliefs about America. Still, the media claims there is no concern for terrorism, and mental illness may be a contributing factor. In most headlines, the deceased killer is barely pictured, if at all.

Furthermore, several media outlets have already used this story to not only justify the Capitol fencing but to write a dozen paragraphs about the “January 6th Insurrection.” It’s almost as if the media wants Americans to remember that day, and not this day.

Rep Ilhan Omar was thankful the suspect only had a knife, as she was quick to point out that if he had an AR-15, the death toll would have been worse. What’s her point? Her goal is unclear; unless the suspect tried to purchase such a firearm and was turned down, she doesn’t have much of an argument (and wouldn’t that be a convenient story). We could attach that same logic to any shooting across the country on any given day, but it’s not as if guns determine the crime. Anyone can obtain an AR-15 if he wants to do so; that’s not the weapon of choice for most murderers. Perhaps we should ban cars since Officer William Evans died from one tonight. As a matter of fact, cars kill infinitely more people than AR-15’s.

Green clearly hated America. He was an Islamic extremist who targeted the US Capitol and left a Capitol officer dead. That’s not what you’ll remember, though.

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