Polis uses fear to ensure compliance with New Normal

Jared Polis has an irrational fear of Coronavirus. His fears are so irrational that he not only joined the list of elected elites who skipped in line for the vaccine, but he also brought his husband Marlon Reis to . Polis is so worried about the vaccine “killing Grandma” that he and his husband need the vaccine more than Grandma herself, “Grandma” figuratively referring to the elderly Colorado population.

Polis has utilized the press and his social media for over a year to make the virus seem more scary than it actually is. In July, Polis called non mask-wearers “selfish bastards” on Facebook, which he .

In “‘The more family members that make that decision to self-quarantine, the more likely it is that you’re not really bringing a loaded pistol for grandma’s head.’”

Governor Polis compared people celebrating Thanksgiving with their families to a loaded pistol pointed at Grandma’s head. The governor’s fear-mongering knows no limitations.

Polis has also been busy posting all of his novel Coronavirus fear-mongering products for the general public, products which a large section of his constituents likely find outlandish and unnecessary.

Governor Polis apparently thinks tents for hugging the elderly and office desk igloos are helpful inventions. Since his mother is not in a nursing home and he doesn’t work in an office, his social media posts from high up in the hills of Boulder are arbitrary and nonsensical. Neither of these “inventions” are necessary, but Polis loves “the new normal.”

In fact, Governor Polis created the “ Board,” which is a board comprised of experts aimed at enforcing the new normal.

“This Executive Order hereby creates the Governor’s New Normal Advisory Board
(Board) within the Governor’s Office. The Board’s mission shall be to advise the Governor and
CDPHE on coordinating and harmonizing policies and rules designed to maximize social
distancing during the Safer at Home phase. The Board shall focus particularly on how local
jurisdictions and local public health agencies can coordinate with the State on public education
efforts that aim to maximize compliance and enforcement efforts for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Governor Polis’s executive orders are a laundry list of his personal beliefs, ushered in by his irrational fears that he spreads to the general public. Polis signed under twenty executive orders in 2019; in 2020, he signed over 300 , and not one citizen or elected official could stop him.

The orders range in issues from “Creating the Colorado Geographic Naming Advisory Board,” to “Immediate Support for Programs and Policies to Increase State Immunization Rates.”

Interestingly, Governor Jared Polis, who does not want the National Guard to “beat up” rioters, called on the national guard in two separate orders to assist with election cyber security. He also used executive orders to create initiatives on social justice and racism, not executive order issues.

Polis is going to milk this fiasco for as long as he can because he is now a monarch and not a governor; the general public is hanging onto his outlandish suggestions that non mask-wearers are selfish bastards and grandma should only be embraced through a plastic tent, so he has all the power in the world to rule by fear. He might as well double mask; Coloradoans can always use a little bit more fear in their lives to ensure scared compliance with “New Normal.”