Polis threatens Coloradoans again; this pandemic isn’t over for you

…until you get this vaccine.

Jared PoPo is threatening Coloradoans again. There are thousands of available vaccine appointments, which none of these officials expected. Jared thought all of Colorado would be lining up for this thing. Why don’t you want this vaccine? The pandemic isn’t over for you. 🤦‍♀️

Thursday, Polis made a similar proclamation. if Coloradoans get vaccinated, they can hang out with Grandma again. Obviously, Governor Jar Jar lives far from reality in a mansion in Boulder. He has no idea, allegedly, that most of Colorado is doing whatever it wants. No one needs his majesty’s permission to see Grandma.

Polis’s Facebook account is filled with more propaganda than any other Governor’s page. The people who run it could work for China themselves; his social media business is straight out of a communist novel.

Jared spent the last year peddling CCP masks, so it’s curious that he’s able to switch to vaccine sales so quickly. If one didn’t know better, it would seem that the Governor sells whatever Fauci and the media are selling each week.

Polis is incapable of independent thought and research. Unlike some of his better educated counterparts such as Florida’s , who independently researched COVID-19 and made independent policy decisions without political shills like Fauci, Polis does whatever the democrat party tells him to do.

It’s a scary premise that he’s incapable of veering from propaganda because he is likely to be re-elected as Governor in 2022 due to Colorado being a blue state and his endless wallet. Unless can pull off a massive fundraising and PR storm soon, the Republican Party in Colorado will likely fall to Polis as Governor again. Polis continues to threaten, bully, and rule his constituents without regard for their prosperity, freedoms, or livelihoods. He doesn’t care about any one of you. But go get this vaccine; your Governor says it’s safe.