Polis pays kids for medical procedures while CO elected officials take a collective nap

Colorado is completely out of control. Democrats who only care about over sexualizing your children and taking total control of their physical and mental health are in control, so there’s no need for you to continue parenting your children.

This morning, Polis’s reign of terror continues as he that he would like to begin paying children to be tested for Coronavirus. This was never mentioned to the Colorado legislature or any constituents, but Polis doesn’t govern. He rules.

First, COVID-19 tests, which cannot be used after December 31st per the FDA, are not effective and turn up false positives. The tests are 100% a scam setup to do whatever the CDC and WHO have on their quarterly agendas. Nevertheless, Polis wants more tests…more tests which will trump up the scandal termed a “pandemic.”

Additionally, Polis made no plans for obtaining parental consent.

No elected officials in Colorado have questioned the procedure as of this writing, and we reached out to several of them.

Not one child has died from COVID-19 in Colorado, and the deaths of children “with COVID” remains sketchy at best.

CDPHE and the media have continuously played the “deaths among cases” game since the start of the COVID-19 scandal, but the children who died likely all had major comorbidities…hence “deaths among cases” rather than “COVID-19 deaths.”

As more and more woke organizations and government entities within the state mandate the COVID-19 vaccine, freedom is completely lost.

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