Polis creates pathway to vaccine passports; YES on HB21-1191 to curb his tyranny

Colorado’s Governor Polis extended the state’s again on Sunday. This time, Polis extended the mandate for another thirty days. Polis knows masks are theatre, but he extended the mandate for political reasons, as usual.

This time around, Polis “eased the mask mandate” for groups of ten or more, allowing them to go maskless if 80% or more of the people in the space are vaccinated, whatever that’s worth. The caveat makes no sense whatsoever; if vaccines work, what is the purpose of requiring a certain percentage of people to obtain them as an incentive to removing masks?

What Polis has done, in his ever so sneaky Jared ways, has opened the door for businesses, employers, and state agencies to ask people if they’ve received the jab. Polis isn’t stupid; he knows exactly what he’s doing. This outlandish executive order has people across Colorado scratching their heads. How will this be enforced?

If Polis has his way, enforcement will look like businesses asking for your personal medical information, perpetrating medical discrimination, and segregation based on shot status.

Polis is utilizing his social media each morning to tell Coloradoans that if they get vaccinated, they can have some freedoms back, freedoms which should never be taken from them. Additionally, leftist media is filing in after Polis, sending the resounding signal that a vaccine will allow you to get back to normal life and hugging Grandma.

In all actuality, the COVID-19 vaccine is an understudied gene therapy shot, and Coloradoans would be remiss not to complete their own research on the cocktail before accepting Polis’s propaganda.

Several states across the nation, including the great, free state of led by the esteemed Governor DeSantis, have drafted legislation to ban vaccine passports as unconstitutional and unnecessary. Florida passed the legislation April 29th, signaling to US voters in other states that freedom is within reach.

, “Prohibit Discrimination COVID-19 Vaccine Status,” originally sponsored by Reps Kim Ransom and Tonya Van Beber, seeks to prohibit any discrimination by businesses or state agencies based on vaccines. The language of the bill is inclusive enough to work towards preventing a vaccine passport, and it also prevents businesses from requiring vaccines for employees, a huge concern for Coloradoans.

Since it’s introduction, several reps including Baisley, Bockenfeld, Geitner, Hanks, Luck, Lynch, Pelton, Pico, Rich, Sandridge, Soper, Van Winkle, Williams, and Woog have signed on as sponsors.

House Republicans in Colorado are on board with the bill. But voters should members of the Health & Insurance Committee, especially Democrats, to urge the committee to vote YES on HB21-1191. Rep Kyle Mullica, the most powerful vaccine pusher in the House and creator of mandatory school entry immunizations, should be urged by voters to keep his vaccine enthusiasm and eagerness to trample Coloradoans’ rights are bay.

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Grumpy Granny

I believe these passports are illegal. Hasn’t Polis heard about the Nurenberg code? These vaccines are being given to people under emergency authorization. I predict lawsuits.


I pray for lawsuits and success in said lawsuits.

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