Polis: COVID-19 ends in July, thanks to baseball

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In a massive show of political theatrics, the MLB moved its All Star Game from Atlanta to Denver in protest of Georgia’s “oppressive” voter ID laws.

Governor Jared was ready for the press announcement today, donned in a full Colorado Rockies outfit from head to toe; he clearly plans his media outfits the night before. When asked if Coronavirus restrictions will put a damper on July’s MLB game, Polis answered, “no.”

The game will be in July, so none of that will be a concern by then.

Of course it’s no concern for Governor Polis, whose media-centric demands throughout the orchestrated pandemic have become increasingly hypocritical coming from someone who touts the family of Coronas as the deadliest medical issue of our time. Still, Governor Jared has time for virtue signaling by way of magenta light bulb parties and veggie burger Saturday’s.

In addition to his other ridiculous behaviors this year, such as tanking the Colorado economy, causing record-high unemployment with which the state’s system has failed unemployment recipients, threatening to withhold relief funding from Weld County, calling his constituents “selfish bastards,” accusing the US military of “beating-up” peaceful BLM protestors who were ransacking Denver to the tune of six-million dollars or better, claiming he didn’t know about homelessness and tents in downtown Denver in July of 2020 because he doesn’t “follow Denver politics,” and signing over 350 executive orders during COVID-19, many in the middle of the night and under the guise of “safety,” Governor Polis recently also assaulted Weld County and the five-billion dollar Colorado meat industry in March.

Governor Polis cannot wait for another photo-op, and an MLB Allstar game provides quite the setting. The wokes at the MLB must have neglected the fact that Colorado also has voter ID laws and restricts campaigns from giving people gifts at the polls. The MLB’s move to Denver for the event is pure virtue signaling amidst political theatre, much like Jared Polis’s career and the Coronavirus, so it makes total sense that for Jared, the family of Rona’s won’t be a concern when the media is focused on such a scene.

The Colorado Herald